How To Practice Self Care With Your Kids (3 Ways)

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Today, we will be sharing valuable ways how to practice self care with your kids, which is so important. As a busy mom, taking some time off to indulge in self-care habits is essential. It helps you reduce stress, revitalize, and recharge.

However, this is also the case for your kids. Children also need time to relax and unwind from the stress of school and other challenges they may face. Teaching your child the importance of self-care can go a long way to ensuring they grow up to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

A great way to do this is by practicing self-care habits with them! Here are a few ways you can do so.

How To Practice Self Care With Your Kids (3 Ways)

self care with your kids1. Include Them In Your Healthy Habits

You probably know how important it is to include nutritious ingredients such as fruits and vegetables in your diet to ensure you keep yourself healthy. You can do this with your child by finding fun ways to serve up nutritious meals they would enjoy and look forward to.

Another way to include your children in this form of self-care habit is to create fun workout routines you can both enjoy and benefit from. For example, you can have them join you doing your warm-up sessions or go on walks around the neighborhood with you.

If you have younger kids, you can take them to the park to get exercise as they run around. This gives you ample time to indulge in other self-care habits such as socializing with other moms, reading a book, or enjoying a snack.

Visiting your healthcare professionals such as your GP, dentist, or gynecologist is another self-care habit you probably indulge in ensuring you’re in good health.

Well, you can do the same for your children! You can take them for regular checks with other specialized healthcare professionals such as a pediatric chiropractor or dentist to handle their health needs.

2. Carve Out Daily Quality Time Together

Sometimes, the whole purpose of indulging in your self-care habits is to get some time alone. However, spending some quality time with your children can give you the relaxation you seek. Spend a few minutes each day with your children. You can use this time to talk about their day, read to them, play games with them, or simply sing along to their favorite shows.

For your kids are older, you may consider selecting days to watch movies, have a game night or just lounge on the couch reading. There are tons of activities you can do to spend some much-needed time with your kids.

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3. Encourage “Screen Breaks”

Just like you, the digital age has forced your children to spend a lot of time behind the screen. Despite the positive impact phones, tablets, and computers may have, they are also known to cause negative results, especially in children.

Therefore, it is vital to encourage your kids to take “screen breaks” — as you would. You can encourage them to engage in more sensory activities during these breaks, like taking a walk outside, reading a book, playing in the backyard, or trying out a new hobby.

Instilling self-care habits into your kids is a great idea as it would stay with them even into adulthood. You must include as many of your self-care habits as possible to teach them the importance of self-care so that they can create their own in the long run.


We hope you have found these 3 ways how to practice self care with your kids insightful and that you will incorporate some of them into your weekly routine to strengthen the bond between you and them, and to spend more quality time together.

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