Find Some Me Time With These Helpful Tips

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How to Find Me Time

Moms, are you managing to carve out any Me Time in your busy day?  For a good few years, all I had time for was my son, my blogs and housework. There wasn’t time for my hubby and there most certainly wasn’t time for me. 

This year I’ve been making a concerted effort to change that. I’m finding time for my marriage and I’m finding time for me.  Even if it’s just taking a moment to breathe deeply or take a short walk somewhere beautiful or savour a guilty pleasure. Here’s a guest post by Lucy Hale with some great ideas to help you find more me time.

Find Some Me Time With These Helpful Tips

As a Mom, you know how hard it can be to find a healthy balance between work, your kids and everything else that goes into a day. And sometimes you need a little bit of help.

Thankfully, there are many resources out there, designed to support moms – click here for more info about how to manage it all at Mommy Authority.

This being said, there is one thing that is even more difficult than finding the right balance. Me time.

Self-care is a crucial part of leading a happy life, but it is more than just eating well, going to the gym and getting some rest. While these are essential to your overall wellness, having some ‘me time’ to recharge is just as important.

Here’s a look at some of our top tips for Mompreneurs who are in need of some time to themselves:

Are you struggling to carve out some me time? Here are some great tips. #howtofindmetimeWhat Is Your Me Time?

Before you can even start to think about where you will find a few minutes for yourself, you should identify what you are going to spend them on.

Think about things or activities that make you feel relaxed and revitalized.

Whether it is…

  • reading a book
  • doing a facial or
  • just having some quiet time

Knowing what your ‘me time’ is going to involve, will help you work it into your busy day.

Take Baby Steps

It can be quite the adjustment to suddenly change your routine, so start out small.

Short ‘me time’ activities are ideal, as you could fit these in while your kids are at a playdate or taking a nap. When you eventually find what works for you and your family’s schedule, putting aside some time for yourself won’t feel so daunting.

Be Mindful. Meditate

With so many things already going on in your life, the last thing you need is to be stressed. Add flustered to the mix and it is near impossible to get anything done.

When you are mindful and calm, you can be more present, focused and get the task at hand done quicker. This will help save some precious minutes, if not hours.

A great way to reclaim your focus is to meditate every day. Either in the morning before the kids get up or at night after you have put them to bed. Meditations don’t have to be hour-long affairs but can help you quiet your mind in just five minutes.

Just Say No

Having kids means that there is much more on your plate than just home and work. There are PTA meetings, school and sports events and many other ‘requirements’ that come with it.

Although it is difficult to say no to being a chaperone or doing your kids’ homework projects – you are allowed to. In fact, saying no is a skill that will not only free up some time in your hectic schedule.  And it it also teaches your children about the importance of setting boundaries.

Be A ‘Bad’ Mom

Nobody is perfect. Nobody is a perfect mom. Instead of trying to be flawless as a mother and worrying about things you may not have control over, spend your time on more practical things.

Your children won’t look back in 20 years time and complain about that one time you gave them money instead of pre-packing them lunch. Let go of the idea of perfection, it doesn’t exist.

Treat Yourself

We all deserve to be spoiled every now and again, even if the treat comes from us. This doesn’t have to be a lavish or expensive thing.

Something simple like enjoying an ice cream by yourself outside of your kid’s dance class or soccer game is a perfect way to enjoy a moment. Remember to reward yourself for being the great mom that you are.

When you have kids it can be easy to lose yourself and forget about taking care of you. In order to be the best mom you can be, some much deserved ‘me time’ is required. Try incorporating some of our useful tips into your everyday schedule and finally find the time to relax and do something for you.

How do you carve me time out of your busy day? We’d love to hear your personal favourite me time moments.

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