Three Tips for Doing Business on the Move

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Three Tips for Doing Business on the Move

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, you’re probably going to end up working on the move at some point. That can mean anything from checking emails to deep-focus knowledge work and all shades in between.

Doing business on the move isn’t necessarily easy but it is possible. Here are three tips to help.

As an entrepreneur, you will probably work on the move at some point. Doing business on the move isn’t easy but it is possible. Here are three tips to help.1. Decide if you need a dongle/MiFi

If you’re only going to be working on the go occasionally, then you may be fine to use your cell to get online. You might also consider public WiFi. If, however, you’re going to be doing business on the move regularly, then a dongle/MiFi will probably be a great investment. Whatever option you choose, make sure that any devices you use are protected by a VPN.

2. Choose your equipment mindfully

You need to choose your equipment to suit your usage. For example, if you mainly just read emails, then you may be fine with just your cell. You may, however, want to make sure that you have a power bank with you. If you need to reply to emails, then a tablet might be a better bet. Again, a power bank is likely to be a must.

If you’re going beyond this into proper work, then you’ll need either a decent tablet with an add-on keyboard or a laptop. As a rule of thumb, if you’re just doing standard office tasks (e.g. creating documents), then a tablet will probably be fine. You may, however, need multiple power banks to keep it going.

If, however, you’re doing anything which needs real processing power, then you almost certainly want a laptop. You’re also going to need to give serious thought to power. If you don’t specifically need to use Windows then you might want to consider a Chromebook or Mac. These tend to be very power-efficient.

If you do need a Windows computer then look at battery life carefully. Also, remember that booting up is a major drain on power. You may, therefore, find it better to boot up the laptop when it’s on the mains. Then keep it on standby when you’re not using it.

3. Keep security in mind at all times

You wouldn’t flash cash around so don’t flash around your devices or data. Remember even if you can block a device to stop it from being used, it may still be worth stealing for parts like screens.

When you’re on the move, you’re probably not going to have the protection of Watchmen Security Services. That means you’ll have to rely on your common sense.

It may seem like an odd comparison but think about working on the move in the same terms as crossing the street. Stop, look around you and listen out for anything which suggests trouble. Then decide if it’s safe to get out your device and get on with some work. If you feel it’s not then leave work for later no matter how urgent your deadline is.

Keep your devices out of sight when you’re not using them. Padded envelopes can make great, discreet “cases” for tablets and laptops. Try to carry them in a bag with double zippers and consider putting a safety pin through the zippers.


We trust these quick tips for doing business on the move save you a lot of headaches and help keep your business running smoothly, wherever you’re working.

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