Locked Out of Your Office? Don’t Panic and Read This

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Locked Out of Your Office?

Countless people find themselves locked out of their offices or commercial buildings each year. Clear-cut figures aren’t available because many of these incidents go unreported, but the numbers are believed to be comparable to home lockouts at two million.

Being locked out can cause numerous problems. For one, it’s a frightening experience no matter when or where it happens. Secondly, for businesses, being unable to get inside can place a significant damper on productivity.

Additionally, being locked out of a commercial space is embarrassing especially when other employees or clients are waiting anxiously to get inside.

A situation like this can even damage a company’s reputation by making them appear irresponsible and less than professional. At the same time, every minute that employees and customers have to wait to get inside can cost the business a great deal of money.

How Do Business Lockouts Happen?

Being locked out of your office can cause numerous problems. It can damage your company's reputation, while downtime can affect productivity and profits. If you’re locked out of a commercial building, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Read on... #lockedoutofyouroffice #lockedoutofmyofficeYou could get locked out of your office for several reasons. In many cases, they have nothing to do with irresponsibility. These things just tend to happen from time to time.

You might keep your office keys on a separate keyring from those for your home and vehicles and simply forget to grab the work keys on the way out the door.

Perhaps you rushed out of the office and accidentally locked the keys inside. Maybe you stepped out for a moment, intending to go back inside, but someone from maintenance or housekeeping closed and locked the door behind you.

Sometimes, getting locked out is a matter of having old, worn locks and keys. Keys have been known to break when they’re inserted in locks. They can also become worn down over time, so they no longer fit the lock properly.

Locks can succumb to age and overuse as well. Dirt and debris can accumulate inside locks and prevent them from opening properly. Their internal components could simply wear out, so they fail to work the way they should when the key is inserted.

Those are only the problems that occur with standard locks. If your business relies on digital locks and other advanced access control systems, the potential problems can be even more complex.

Dirt and dust inside key card slots or damaged key cards can prevent them from scanning properly. Sometimes, they lose their programming, so their security codes, card readers, and other entry measures just won’t work.

In some instances, an unexpected power outage, lightning strike, or cyber-attack can render a digital access control system inoperable.

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What Not to Do If You’re Locked out of a Commercial Building

When people are locked out of their homes, vehicles, safes, filing cabinets, and other areas, a wide range of possible solutions is available.

These include picking the lock; using a credit card, screwdriver, or knife to pry open the lock; or even drilling out the lock to get inside. Sometimes, bobby pins, paper clips, and universal emergency keys can provide simple but effective solutions.

Those aren’t necessarily viable options when you’re locked out of an office or other type of business. Commercial locks are often more complex than other types of locks, so simple solutions aren’t effective.

Those standard techniques could cause more problems than they solve as well, such as damage to the business and a lack of security until the lock is repaired.

You can’t overlook the possibility of someone calling law enforcement officials when they see you “breaking in” either. If that happens, you could find yourself in a world of unexpected trouble that you may not be able to explain your way out of.

What You Should Do If You’re Locked out of an Office or Commercial Space

If you’re locked out of a commercial building, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Panicking will only make the situation worse and cloud your judgment. Then, you’ll be less likely to get inside successfully. Once you’ve taken a deep breath and steeled your nerves, you can take further action.

First of all, stop and think about whether you’re really locked out. Is there another door that may not be locked? Could you get inside through a loading bay or an adjoining business? Check other possible entry points before giving up or proceeding to other solutions. Doing so could save you a great deal of time, hassle, and embarrassment.

If there aren’t any unlocked entry points to take advantage of, consider whether you’re the only one who has a key to get inside. If other staff members have keys, they may be able to come to your rescue.

A janitorial service or outside maintenance provider may have a key as well. Even a property management or leasing company might be able to get you inside if they’re local. If you know who to contact and how to get in touch with them, resolving the lockout may be as simple as making a phone call or sending a text or email.

Also, keep in mind that a locksmith can be your best friend in this type of situation. They’re available around the clock and have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to get past all types of locks.

If you’ve lost your keys or the key has become too worn out to work, they can create new ones. They can also repair or replace damaged and worn-out locks.

If your key broke off in the lock, they may be able to extract the broken portion and salvage the lock. Locksmiths can also provide a range of solutions for advanced locks and digital access control systems.

Getting the Situation Under Control

Lockouts can be frightening and stressful. For businesses, they can even be costly on numerous levels. If you’re locked out of a commercial building, the worst thing you can do is panic. The conventional methods aren’t always suitable in business scenarios, still, you may not have many options.

Make sure you’re actually locked out, and try contacting someone else who might have a key. Remember, locksmiths are always an option, and they can help out no matter how, why, or when you get locked out.

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