Day 7 – 40 Day Challenge

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Today’s new task from Forbes’ 39 Actionable Ideas:

Answer a HARO query (Help A Reporter Out) – Answering a pitch only takes a few minutes, and can result in great PR, high-quality inbound links and referral traffic to your site.

All set up to Help a Reporter Out

  1. Signed up as a HARO Source
  2. Studied the Source Rules
  3. Read the wonderful Complete Guide to Helping a Reporter Out  from  B/ The Forward Thinking PR Agency which includes a template for answering a pitch.

Now I await my 3 emails a day so that I can pitch.

Update (30 Nov 2016):  I just pitched my first HARO query, but oops! I missed the deadline!  It was 8pm last night.  Drat!  Because it was a goodie!  The alert was from Mamapedia.  I’d better be more vigilant.  Must draft a response as soon those e-mails alerts come in (they did warn me).

Well, the upside is, now that I’ve sent one response, I should be able to get my next one out faster.

(To sign up as a Journalist you need to be ranked below 1 Million on Alexa… Inspiring Mompreneurs has a looong way to go.  Current Global Ranking is estimated at 8,035,399. One day at a time. Phew!)

I’m one week into my 40 Day Challenge, and I’m excited to see some encouraging results.  Stumble Upon brought 132 new visitors to Inspiring Mompreneurs yesterday.  Yay!

Here’s a brief overview of this week’s Google Analytics. I use the free Sumo Me plugin to access Google Analytics easily on my website.  I also like the free Sumo Me Social Share buttons.  Unfortunately, the bounce rate has increased to 82% so I’m getting more visitors, but they’re not staying long enough to read an article.




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