Careers that Can Really Help Others

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Careers that Can Really Help Others in the World


When we consider what career we’d like to pursue, each of us attaches value to different aspects of working. Some of us want a lucrative career that will make us a lot of money and that will provide us with a luxurious lifestyle.

Some of us would prefer a career that pays a little less but also endows us with a sense of authority – a role in which we manage other people, make demands and commands, and take charge.

Some of us want roles where others will respect us – a position that takes a lot of hard work or excellence to achieve. Some of us want something flexible that will allow us to lead full personal lives with our family and friends.

But one area that you might want to consider is helping others. There aren’t all too many jobs out there that focus on others’ happiness, health, and wellbeing. But they do exist.

So, if you’re a particularly caring individual and want your job to make the world a genuinely better place, here are just a few different positions that you might want to consider pursuing.

Do you have a career that you feel really helps the world? If not, here are some you may want to consider. #Careersthatcanreallyhelpothers #CareersHelpOthersA Carer

Society has many vulnerable members who require help from others to get on with their day to day lives. They may be elderly. They may be unwell. Whatever the issue, you could help them by becoming a carer.

This position will vary depending on the type of individuals you are dealing with. Many Caregivers work in institutions or others’ homes.

If you work in an institution, you may find yourself in an old people’s home, or a respite for individuals with terminal illnesses.   You may be required to help administer medication, to help clean people, to keep people company, and to carry out a whole host of other tasks.

If you work in someone’s home, you will check in on them, ensure that they are living a good quality of life, and help out with day to day tasks.

If you have a loved one in your life who requires care and you would like to care for them, you should look into being a paid caregiverThis provides you with the opportunity to care for your loved one without having to worry about keeping up with another job at the same time.

A Teacher

Being a teacher is a greatly rewarding career choice. You get to nurture the minds of future generations.  Your role will vary depending on the age of people that you choose to teach.

You could focus on teaching younger children, helping them to learn basic social skills, reading, writing, and counting. You could teach individual subjects to older children.

You could even teach at colleges and universities, really guiding students into a career path that will allow them to fulfil their own dreams.

Whichever route you go down, if you do your job well, you will be aiding people to make something of themselves.

A Social Worker

Social workers have a relatively intense job role. They engage with vulnerable individuals in society and ensure that they are leading a safe and comfortable lifestyle.

You may find yourself having to tackle difficult cases – helping people adjust to their life following major life events, helping children who are not receiving the right level of care, and generally ensuring that people are safe in their home environments.

But if this sounds like something you’d like to do, you will receive sufficient training to deal with pretty much any situation and to make the best of situations that may initially seem entirely bad for the people involved with them.

A Doctor

Medical staff work wonders for patients in their care. They can identify and diagnose illnesses and conditions. They can rectify injuries. They can quite literally save lives.

Now, there are various areas of the medical field that you can specialise in. And each is extremely important.  Generally speaking, when becoming a doctor, you will receive general training through your education, then specialise as you go along, until you are a specialist in a particular field.

You should be prepared to work long hours, to encounter unpleasant situations, and to work in a high-pressure environment.  However, it should all prove more than worth it when you help people to get back to full health or at least minimise discomfort and difficulty if conditions are not treatable.


Society needs law to maintain order. So, when you specialise in law, you are generally doing society a service. You can help to implement the law and seek justice on behalf of those who have been wronged and hurt by others.

This, of course, can be relatively difficult, as there are, of course, lawyers who defend people who are in the wrong, or who put cases forth where the victim isn’t actually a victim. But if you stick by your morals and pursue cases that you genuinely believe in and want to prove, then you should really help people who are in trouble.

Sure, pursuing a career that benefits you and your nearest and dearest can be extremely tempting. After all, our own worlds are our focus and we want to make sure that they are as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible. But remember that there are roles that can see you help other people in general too!

Those listed above are just a few that you might like to consider. There are plenty more out there.

If those on the list don’t quite appeal to you, just do a little further research and you should be able to find something that suits you down to a tee!

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Are you in a career that really helps others?  

I would add volunteer for a Non Profit to this list.   Oh, and Nurse. Therapist.  Author. Actor/Actress (because of their immense influence). Movie Director.  Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Minister. Nun (think Mother Teresa). Politician (think Madiba).  

What other careers would you add to this list?

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2 Replies to “Careers that Can Really Help Others”

  1. Christine

    So, interesting…
    This got me thinking, as my day job is as an admin assistant – really is all about helping people all day long – even if by some standards it isn’t super exciting. However, my new business coaching mom’s who are adjusting to their new role, as their child(ren) head off to school/out of the house, is all about helping others. So rewarding! Just like you helping Mom Entrepreneurs!!!

    Nice list, Lauren! Sharing now!!!

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Wow, Christine. You are helping people indeed. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing.
      You’ve just made me realise we should be adding Admin Assistants, Virtual Assistants and Coaches to this list.


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