Discover the 3 Best Online Tools For Teaching

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What are the reasons for deploying software in education? Why is online software being used in countries globally? What will you be doing in the classroom? What are the concerns that might arise using software in schools?

This article focuses on the best available systems for teaching.

Discover the 3 Best Online Tools For Teaching

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At a Glance

  • Classroom tools should encourage connected classrooms to improve the learning experience.
  • Features such as performance monitoring, screen monitoring, and limiting websites
  • Offer both local and online hosting
  • Compatible with all gadgets and operating systems
  • Designed with the student and teacher in mind

School is the best place for children to learn everything they need to survive in society. In this article, we focus on the 3 best online tools for teaching.  #bestonlinetoolsIntroduction

School is the best place to learn everything you need to know to survive in society. Technology is slowly entering the classroom, and students are no longer at the school.

Concepts like homeschooling are quickly becoming the norm. Children communicate with people in online spaces through social media and have access to unfiltered content. The teaching systems are:


ClassDojo promises the creation of classroom communities where students, teachers, and parents can interact.  You can share moments with your parents and students.

The system is available on smartphones, tablets, and computers intended to connect you and your students.

The system is aimed at building classroom communities by encouraging a positive culture within the classroom. The features include:

  • The software allows project visualization and tracking for both individuals and group assignments.
  • ClassDojo allows gamification and management of classroom activities.
  • Reward systems to encourage student participation.
  • Integrate communication with parents to share classroom moments with students.
  • The system has generated reports with infographics to track student performance.


LanSchool is an award-winning classroom management system. It features an intuitive user interface, accurate online and remote monitoring, advanced agenda scheduling, file upload, multimedia tools, content management, online testing, and extensive customization. The features include:

  • The software offers an intuitive system for both in-classroom and remote learning to simplify the learning process for students and teachers.
  • The system offers in-classroom, and remote learning focused on making the learning process straightforward and streamlined for you and your students.
  • It offers web limitations to ensure students can concentrate on their studies during tests and quizzes through blank screens.
  • You can use LanSchool K-12 software to increase classroom engagement through messaging features such as one-on-one with your students or the entire class, privately communicating by raising a hand, and sharing your screen.
  • The software allows instantly pushing the same website to students in class simultaneously.
  • Bark is a classroom safety solution implemented in the software that gives you monitoring tools over students. The system can identify dangers like cyberbullying, violence, drugs, alcohol, and suicide ideation. It has an image removal tool to ensure your students are not exposed to explicit content on the internet.


DyKnow is a cloud-based classroom management software used to monitor students’ classroom behavior. Teachers can access and restrict student’s internet usage based on the judgment of their appropriateness. The features include:

  • Realtime update on the time spent by students on social networking sites
  • Grading student performance and benchmarking
  • Monitor student attendance and classroom engagement in both active and passive modes
  • Website and application blocking
  • Instant messaging and progress reports


The success of the education of our future leaders is when you are sure you have protected them from the vices available in online spaces and promoted maximum utilization of resources available in the classroom. While there may be other known systems, some of the best tailored for students and teachers are listed above.

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