Is this the World’s Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser?

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Organic Aromas claims to have the World’s Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser. I can see why.

Organic Aromas recently sent me their World Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser.  And I love it!  One of the many perks of being a blogger.

Which makes this a Sponsored Post (kinda).  All views are my own.  I also dropped a couple of Affiliate Links at the end of the post. Cheeky of me, I know, since I already received a free diffuser. Just thought I should let you know up front.  I will benefit should you purchase via my Affiliate link.

On with the Review…

Back in the day when I was a practising Aromatherapist (1991 to 2000), I had an essential oil burner.  It was a little pottery burner.  You placed the oils in the bowl on top and you placed a tea light candle in the little window below it. Somewhere along the line, probably during one of my many moves, my Aromatherapy burner went missing.

So when I received an email from Organic Aromas, offering to send me a diffuser and some essential oils in the hopes that I would create a blog post in return, I said sure – please send.

I didn’t really know what to expect, so I was delighted to discover their nebulizing essential oil diffuser is NEXT LEVEL, compared to my original Aroma burner.

Organic Aromas: Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Here’s a lovely video they sent me of their product…

However,  it doesn’t highlight my favourite feature. So I created a little video of my own.

Why I Love the Organic Aromas Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser

Okay, not as professional as their vid, sure, but hopefully it gets my point across.

The lights are magical.

They are mesmerising. We sat marvelling at the sunset and the changing lights on the day my package arrived.

No-one mentioned anything about the lights, so it was a great surprise.

Bug-Free Sunsets.

Because we were burning their Purity Essential Oil Blend, which contains Citronella oil, there were no mosquitoes chomping us that night.  We could enjoy an African Sunset bug-free.

The Purity Blend contains citronella, white camphor, lemongrass, Australian tea tree, rosemary and lavender essential oils and the scent you notice most is citronella and lemongrass.

The Wonder of Essential Oils.

We also received the Energy Essential Oil Blend contains spearmint, peppermint, melissa, tangerine and rosewood and the scent you notice most is spearmint and melissa.

I like to use this blend during the day when I’m working because I know just how stimulating peppermint oil can be. I used to use it in the bath when swotting for my Aromatherapy exams.  Not sure if I would have made it through Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology without it.

Science or Toy?

I wasn’t the only person excited to open up my package when it arrived. My 5-year-old son was just as excited as me.  Especially when he saw it all set up.

To him, my diffuser looks like a Science Experiment and as he wants to become a Scientist when he grows up.

And when we turned it on. That was it.  Undisputably his new favourite toy.

I’m amazed it’s survived a few weeks of him and his little friends:

  • switching the light on and off, there’s a soft-touch button on the side to switch the light off
  • taking the lid on and off because when it’s off the smoke comes out
  • and throwing all kinds of things into the spout.  Yup, they even tried popcorn.

It’s clearly not as delicate as it looks.

And it is really clever so it must have been developed by a Scientist.

It doesn’t get hot or use loads of electricity because it works with Bernoulli’s Principle. It’s a bit technical so I won’t go into it. All beautifully explained here.

Organic Aromas claims to offer the world's best nebulizing essential oil diffuser. And I agree. It's stunning! Here's my review. #organicaromas #bestnebulizingessentialoildiffuserStory Time.

The timing was perfect for us because we received our Aroma Diffuser just after we finished our home renovations. We moved into our brand new main bedroom and my son moved into his own bedroom for the first time in his life.

Naturally, my son claimed his new Science Toy and insisted it goes in his room. Nothing’s ever  I secretly move it into my office (aka the kitchen) when he’s at School.

What’s lovely about having it in his bedroom is we switch it on at story time, to scare away the mozzies and for the ambience.  I enjoy watching the lights before we drift off to sleep and I like to switch it back on in the mornings to give my son a colourful, gentle, scented start to his day.

Meditation and Visualisation.

Because of its interesting shape, I’ve started imagining our light is our own personal magic genie. I visualise all my hopes and dreams becoming reality as I lie there, watching the lights changing colour just like I watch firelight flickering in our favourite wooden cabin in the mountains.

Maybe it’s because I’m doing some market research for my friend, Jackie Carroll, Inventor of Genie in a Headset.  I have visualisation and magic genies on the mind. But hey, visualisation is a great application for this marvellous little machine.

Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils.

Oh goodness, almost forgot to mention why you would diffuse essential oils in the first place.

The broad benefits are that it cleans and humidifies the air.

As you breathe in the delicious scents, your body absorbs the oils so benefits go far beyond just purification of your home or office environment.

There are literally hundreds of potential benefits because they are directly linked to which essential oils you choose to diffuse.  Each essential oil on its own has many possible uses and blending them can be even more impactful.

I’ve already mentioned that they can ward off bugs, stimulate your mind and jog your memory.

Here are a few more benefits you could experience when diffusing essential oils and my favourite oils for the job:


Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Roman Chamomile help you feel calmer, more at peace.

They can also help induce sleep and help you sleep deeper.

Lavender and Lemon also lower your blood pressure.


Peppermint, Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Rosemary and Lemongrass are excellent choices when you’re looking for an energy boost.

Rosemary also raises blood pressure.


Neroli, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Frankincense are best for improving your mood, making you feel happier and lighter and relieving depression.

Immune Boosters

Tea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Ginger and Lemon are all great immune boosters.

Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree are particularly helpful to open up the chest when you have a cough or cold.


Pregnancy is tricky because there’s so little you can take when you’re feeling under the weather.

Eucalyptus and the citrus oils (Orange, Lemon and Bergamot) are the safest oils to use in Pregnancy.  Some Aromatherapists feel Lavender and Neroli are safe to use too but I’ve always stuck to the shorter list above when treating Moms-to-be.

Organic Aromas Diffuser Cleaning Instructions Easy Cleaning

In my package, I found a couple of handy droppers for cleaning the diffuser.  The droppers are for adding rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol or ethanol).

This was the first thing my son went crazy about when we first opened the box. One dropper went missing for a while and we found it in the new playroom.  No surprises there.

There is also a Care booklet explaining how to use the diffuser and handy cleaning instructions with great graphics.

I’ve taken a picture of this page so you can see how easy it is to clean.

Over to You

Do you believe in the power of essential oils?   Have you been for an Aromatherapy massage or used an Essential Oil Diffuser?  I’d love to hear your views in the comments below. 


Is this the World's Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser? | dd8eb78a994ea06021566f6a80ae7cfc cropped

Further Info

You can find loads more handy info on the Organic Aromas website and blog.

If you’d like to purchase the same Diffuser I received, it’s called Elegance.

Buy it Direct from Organic Aromas or Buy it on Amazon.

Raindrop Nebulizing DiffuserIs this the World's Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser? | imp

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2 Replies to “Is this the World’s Best Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffuser?”

  1. Jill du Preez

    Hi Lauren,
    Am so excited about this diffuser as I have just got some organic essential oils to bring back from Annemarie. As you know they still it on the farm. I have a bottle of lemon-scented Tea Tree oil and a bottle of Tea Tree oil. Can’t wait for us to try them out.
    You have really inspired me to get my diffuser going again and so has Annemarie.
    Thanks for this great post.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Thanks for your enthusiastic response, Mom! Ooh, can’t wait to try out that lemon-scented Tea Tree oil. It’s such a brilliant essential oil but it doesn’t have the best smell. And all Annemarie’s oils are organic, aren’t they?


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