Why You Should Be Proud of Your British Gnashers

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Why You Should Be Proud of Your British Gnashers

We’re lucky that we’re living in a world which is truly beginning to celebrate diversity, and what better thing to celebrate than the differences in our pearly whites.

For years us Brits have been given a hard time about our wonky smiles, but now is our time to shine and show off.

A problem that goes tooth deep

Unlike our American pals across the pond, having dental work done isn’t a given, thousands of us reach adulthood with a wonky smile and well that’s fine. What once was a cause for anxiety and shame is now becoming something to celebrate.

Back in 2019 Gucci released a new lipstick campaign which features a musician whose teeth were neither brilliant white nor perfectly in alignment, in fact she even has a gap on either side on her front teeth! Shocking!



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This image when placed next to the images we’re used to seeing can at first feel a little jarring, but once you’ve given yourself time to adjust you can see the beauty!

And from the stats in the way the image was received this is only confirmed. The image received over 725,000 likes on Instagram and even encouraged people to speak out about their own dental insecurities!

What this tells us is that actually more of us are desperate to break free of these dental standard bonds and be free of the anxiety having the perfect smile is giving us!

Why You Should Be Proud of Your British GnashersWe’ve been fed a narrative

So, why is it we’re so hung up over our teeth? Because don’t imagine our caveman ancestors gave a hoot about the way their smile looked so long as they could use their teeth to eat with.

When was it that this actually became an issue?

When we look back in the history books, what’s really funny is that there was a time when bad teeth were celebrated as a sign of wealth!  Only those able to afford the exotic high sugar diets were having their teeth rotted because of it!

Then again this all changed when access to dental health became a sign of privilege.

There’s an argument to be made that a pretty smile came from 18th century France and the work of Pierre Fauchard who is known within the industry as the father of modern dentistry and the leading practitioner in cosmetic dentistry.

Money and insecurities

It’s hard not to become simplistic and pessimistic, but all this seems to point to two things: money and insecurity.

Whoever the people are in the big office making decisions about what we consume, it is largely down to our now ever-prevalent fixation with our looks, because just as much as we are celebrating diversity we’re still a planet obsessed with how we look.

And with the uptake of mail-order braces from some careless sellers we’re once again being persuaded into spending our hard earned pennies on unsafe systems.

With that in mind, if you are thinking about orthodontics or any other dental treatment then you should be talking to your dentist. Your dentist Soho has the skills and approved techniques to ensure you address your dental concerns safely and professionally. Because no matter how teeth look, the most important thing is that they are healthy and functional.

Are you proud of your British gnashers? 

So, where do you stand on this issue?  Is it even an issue for you? Do you teeth make you feel uncomfortable or are you loud and proud of your British gnashers?

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