Patients Can Have Straighter Teeth with Invisalign

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Patients Can Have Straighter Teeth with Invisalign

A large number of adults across the United Kingdom are having to cope with the problems that are caused by crooked teeth. This means that many of these adults are living with a standard of oral hygiene that they are less than happy with.

Straighter Teeth with InvisalignGiven the advances in the fields of dentistry and orthodontics, there is no need for any adult to live with misaligned teeth any longer than they choose to. There are services available that can give adults the treatment they feel they would benefit from in a way that is private to them.

Unfortunately, many adults who may be yearning to align their teeth mistakenly believe that tooth alignment treatment is something that is only prescribed by dentists to treat the teeth of children in or approaching their early teen years.

This is not the case.

In recent years there have been proactive efforts made by many dental practices to ensure adults living with misaligned teeth may also be able to undergo treatment to straighten them and improve their oral health and hygiene standards.

Adults who are seeking to undergo tooth alignment treatment are not only looking for a treatment that can deliver them the straight teeth they are looking for, but they are looking for a treatment that can promise them discretion throughout their treatment time.

For adults who may not wish to have a device such as a traditional brace with wires and brackets, there is a route to giving them the straight teeth that they desire by using Invisalign Fulham.

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A modern treatment that delivers great results

A modern treatment that is being made more widely available at dental practices across the UK, Invisalign can give adults the great results they are looking for without others around them being aware that they are undergoing tooth alignment treatment. This aligner has the ability to be invisible when worn, due to the materials used to create it.

It is manufactured by using two pieces of clear, durable, and strong plastic that are moulded together in order to create an alignment device that will meet the individual needs of the patient. The treatment uses a series of devices during the treatment process, each of which is designed to play a different role in the aligning of the patient’s teeth

The patient simply wears a device for around two weeks and then replaces it with the next aligner in the series, this is often something the patient can do for themselves and many patients decide to administer their treatment themselves at home.

However, they will still need to visit the dental practice from time to time to have their treatment progress monitored.

Following treatment

Once a patient has completed their treatment they should start to enjoy a much improved oral health standard, as they will find that they can clean their teeth in a much easier fashion when using a brush.

Treatment will normally take twelve to eighteen months to complete when using Invisalign. Most patients feel that dedicating this amount of time to having alignment treatment is justified when they see the results they gain from doing so.


This article cannot be construed as medical advice.  If you are considering any type of dental work and would like to know more about what is on offer, it’s best to consult with a dentist, orthodontist or similar health care professional.

Over to You

Do you have crooked teeth you’d like to get straightened? Were you aware before reading this article that other options existed other than traditional braces?

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