Tips for Balancing Education as an Adult

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When it comes to doing a further education course as an adult, it can be difficult to manage. It’s not the same as you coming fresh out of school with no commitments or responsibilities.

So it’s important to know that you’re ready to do it and that you can balance the current responsibilities with another round of education.

Here are some tips for balancing education as an adult.

Here are some tips for balancing education as an adult. #adulteducation #timemanagement #selfeducation #selfcareOrganize Your Schedule

Organizing your schedule is a good start when it comes to taking on something new.

You want to make sure that you’ve got yourself into a routine and that you have enough free space in order to fit it in.

It’s all well and good thinking you could do phlebotomy training as well as a full-time job, but that might not be realistic when it comes to everything else you have to do in life.

When you have a family, it’s an additional thing that you need to think about when committing yourself to full-time education.

Be aware of the challenges that will come with whatever course you pick and factor these in before you start committing to the course and going back into education.

If you’re not someone who is very organized, this might be a struggle for you to keep up with.

Work With Your Current Employer

If you’re planning on doing this educational course or training alongside your current job then it’s worth speaking to your employer.

The last thing they will want is your work being affected by taking on something else that could be an impact to it.

They might suggest alternatives or will make arrangements to be sure you can attend your course and to have time off as and when it’s needed for studying or exams. It’s better to be open with them from the beginning.

Do an Online Course

As well as there being courses you attend physically, there are also online courses available. It’s worth exploring your options when it comes down to it as an online course might be something that suits your time schedule more.

It also might be something that you find better than having to live that student lifestyle again. Alternatively, you might want that lifestyle again, and so you’d prefer to go back to college or university.

Find Time For Self-Care

And finally, just like anything in life, it’s important to find time for self-care. There are a lot of challenges that come with doing further education as an adult, and it’s important you’re still taking time out for yourself.

Try to do a bit of self-care every now and then to ensure you’re looking after your mental wellbeing. There will always be some downtime available, and if not, then you should make time for it. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

Balancing education as an adult will be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Assess your schedule, find out how to make it fit and be sure to put your all into it.

Are you trying to balance education as an adult? What are you studying?

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4 Replies to “Tips for Balancing Education as an Adult”

  1. Dr Valeria Lo Iacono

    Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is so important I feel as it keeps our minds active. Is there anything better than learning new skills whether for work or for fun?
    It does seems sometimes though that not enough focus goes on to helping adult learners so it was great to read a post on adult learning.
    all the best

      • Dr Valeria Lo Iacono

        Hi Lauren. Yes, Symonds research is a business I set up after finishing my PhD and so I sell training materials for trainer teaching things such as equality & diversity in the workplace, digital wellness etc.
        Wanted to work for myself and to do something with education.
        Love your site by the way

        • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

          Aah, wonderful! Thank You for bringing that to my attention and adding value to my readers. Wishing you all the best with your venture. Digital wellness sounds particularly interesting. Tell me more… or better still, submit an article?


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