Are you doing enough for your teeth?

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Many patients might believe that brushing their teeth twice a day may be enough to maintain a good standard of dental and oral hygiene, however, this is not necessarily the case.

Patients who partake in regular brushing may feel as if a biannual trip to their local Sheen Dental in Richmond is not necessary, however, unfortunately, plaque, as well as oral diseases and infections can still occur.

What causes the build-up of plaque on the teeth?

Many patients may have heard of the dental term ‘plaque’, however they may be unaware of the damage it can cause to their teeth.

Plaque is caused by a residue of food containing carbohydrates (such as sugars and starches) which are left sitting on the teeth. Bacteria within the mouth, unfortunately, thrives on these foods, like milk, raisins, and sweets and can produce acids as a result.

The result

Despite many patients believing plaque is harmless, plaque left on the teeth over a period of time can cause damage to the tooth enamel, which can eventually lead to tooth decay, further dental concerns may then arise.

Do more for your smile

Patients may be wondering how to improve their oral health, however, it can be much more simple than they believe.

Aside from brushing regularly, a smaller interdental brush can help to clean ‘hard to reach areas’ within the mouth, just one example of a small change, which can make a huge difference.

In addition to extra dental tools, flossing can help massively when it comes to a good level of oral health.

Is flossing really worth it?

Within the modern field of dentistry, there are constant advancements in order to improve a patient’s oral health, however, flossing can make a huge difference to the health of a patient’s smile.

Dental studies show that patients who do not floss as part of their hygiene routine may be missing up to thirty-five per cent of the surface of the teeth.

Many individuals may overlook flossing, however, it can be vital in reaching areas of the teeth where plaque and tartar can congregate.

Many of us believe brushing their teeth twice a day is enough to maintain a good standard of dental and oral hygiene, but is it? Are you doing enough for your teeth? #dentalcare #selfcare #areyoudoingenoughforyourteethGoing the extra mile

Alongside the correct brushing and flossing, mouthwash is also proven to be an effective addition to a patient’s dental hygiene regime.

How it works

Mouthwash is clinically proven to remove bacteria and plaque from the teeth, mouthwash can not only eliminate bacteria (by up to seventy-five per cent), but can also help prevent oral diseases.

Aside from gum disease prevention, mouthwash can help whiten the teeth, and make a patient’s teeth and mouth feel and look cleaner overall.

Changing your lifestyle for the better

Many patients may not be aware of certain lifestyle factors which can affect the health of their teeth.

Negative lifestyle choices, such as the frequent consumption of alcohol, and smoking regularly, can increase the risk of oral cancer, and cause yellowing (or staining) of the teeth.

Aside from bad habits, diet can also play a huge role.

Stay healthy

Patients may not correlate diet with the health of their smile, however, it can play a part. Consuming calcium is just one example. Dairy products can not only make your bones stronger but can also enhance the health of the teeth.

In terms of what to avoid, the consumption of sugary foods and drinks can contribute to decay, and should be avoided whenever possible.

So… are you doing enough for your teeth? Let us know if you found these tips helpful.

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