5 Tips On Creating A Healthy Working Environment

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It’s no secret that healthy employees are happy employees, but what can you do to keep your employees healthy?

First off, you need to take a look at your current health and safety policies and consider if you need any improvements or updates.

Perhaps your policies are a little outdated, or you’ve noticed new issues in your workplace which need attention?

To get you started on improving your working environment, try these five ideas.

What are you doing about creating a healthy work environment? What, nothing you say? Maybe these 5 tips will help you. #5Tips #CreatingaHealthtWorkingEnvironment #HealthandSafety #Fitness #EmployeeWellness1 . Consider your office design

When you are seeking to create an ideal healthy environment, the first thing to do is to take a look at your office design. Invest in ergonomic chairs, to support your employees as they sit at desks.

These chairs ensure that the body is supported correctly, to complement the natural curve of the spine. Provide standing desk options for increased energy and freedom of movement.

Ensure plenty of natural, light, plants, and aesthetically pleasing decor. Paint the walls with bright colors like yellow, which is said to encourage creativity and positivity.

2 . Prioritize health and safety

Prioritizing health and safety should be the first item on any companies to-do list. Depending on your sector and working environment, health and safety practices will consist of different tasks.

Run regular tests on electrical appliances, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. Invest in adequate storage facilities such as Infection Control Carts, for healthcare or first-aid related storage.

For offices, space-saving storage should be prioritized to keep clutter-free from pathways.

3. Promote workplace wellness

When you promote wellness in your workplace, you’re more likely to have happy and productive employees. Exercise is highly essential for both our physical and mental health, yet it’s sometimes difficult to fit into the working day.

To provide a solution, try offering an on-site gym or on-site exercise classes.

Provide staff with free fruit as snacks and encourage regular breaks to recharge.

Another thing you could do is to offer incentives to staff who cycle to work.

4. Nurture your company culture

Your ‘company culture’ can be defined as the values and behaviors which determine how your business interacts with customers, stakeholders, and with each other as employees.

Your company culture is reflected in pretty much everything you do, from office arrangements to company beliefs, hiring decisions, and staff benefits.

Businesses with a strong company culture often prioritize staff satisfaction, integrity, ethics, and the values of their target audience. To create the perfect working environment, improving your company culture is key.

5. Provide regular training

For the best health and safety practices, ensure that you provide your staff with regular training. You should provide training for both the physical and mental health aspects of the role.

Over the last few years, burnout is on the rise, when employees become physically exhausted due to a role, their mental health begins to suffer.

With this in mind, workshops that teach stress coping strategies or provide a safe space for learning about mental health, are highly beneficial.

What are you doing about creating a healthy work environment?

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