12 Places Entrepreneurs Can Find Inspiration

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Entrepreneurs are not the same as regular folks. They have creativity and motivation and dreams running through their veins. They have a willingness to succeed where other people do not, and they are more willing to take risks.

Entrepreneurs see the magic in the world where others do not; they know where the problems are, and they act to solve them quickly. They think differently, and they react differently, and unlike most people, creativity comes naturally to an entrepreneur.

Most of us are unable to reach that same level of creativity and problem-solving. It’s always just out of reach – it’s okay, we’re better at other things.  However, entrepreneurs spin ideas to gold, and they don’t struggle to come up with the next best thing.

They chase the success they crave, and they often catch it because they believe wholeheartedly that they can. Of course, this isn’t always healthy. A lot of entrepreneurs shake off trivial things such as physical and mental wellbeing in favor of the next business high, working around the clock and not watching their nutrition. It’s why so many entrepreneurs burn out so quickly.

They need to find inspiration and yet – much of the time – their state of mind is so focused on finding that inspiration that it’s hard to focus on looking after themselves. Like Cynthia Telles, they have a calling from an early age, and they follow it with sheer grit and determination.

Entrepreneurs know how to find inspiration, and they know how to turn that inspiration from twine to gold, turning it into a tangible business idea that grows into something amazing.

Entrepreneurs don’t waste any time in looking for the right inspiration to fuel their next business idea. In fact, they actively chase the inspiration that comes their way.

Where do Entrepreneurs find inspiration?

Well, that depends on the entrepreneur. There are plenty of ways that they find the motivation to do the next big thing, and here are twelve ways they find it.

Where do YOU find your inspiration as an Entrepreneur?  Which of these 12 places is your greatest source of inspiration? #12PlacesEntrepreneursCanFindInspiration  #InspirationforEntrepreneurs1. In Your Writing

When an entrepreneur writes down their ideas – good and bad – it can become something that makes sense. If you are looking for inspiration, start writing down all the ideas that pop into your head. It may sound like a silly idea, but if you can untangle the rush of thoughts, you’re more likely to recognize an idea that will be the stroke of genius you needed.

2. In Books

If you want to succeed, you must read. Entrepreneurs read books on inspiration and awareness for a good reason: they make sense! Find as many blogs and articles on the subject in which you are most interested and read as much as you can. You want to widen your knowledge and discover new ways to connect to others. Reading about people like Cynthia Telles will often give you the push you need to do more for other people.

3. In New Areas

Sometimes, moving away from the desk you sit at all day long can do wonders for your thought process. Take yourself out of your usual surroundings and put yourself somewhere else: the park, a cafe, the environment in which you wish to work. It all works together to help you to figure out how inspired you really are. If you work from home as an entrepreneur, then get out of the four walls of your house and go for a walk.

4. While Traveling

There is a whole wide world away from your desk. There is an inspiration to be found in even the furthest of places, and your next big idea could come from one of them. Taking time out to broaden your horizons will also stop you from burning out much of the time. You can seek out new places for discovery and inspire new ideas within yourself because of the new surroundings.

5. Talking to Other People

Sometimes, inspiration requires a dose of perspective. There are plenty of places that you can discuss your ideas with other people, both in an office environment and online. Sometimes, blowing your ideas up in a brainstorm can make all the difference to the way your idea takes shape.

6. Working Out

Sometimes, entrepreneurs need to get a little physical to unblock their minds and let the ideas flow. Occupying their bodies with exercise works to burn out the adrenaline and find the ideas that work. You can do the same. When you hit the gym, you can feel more focused, alert and ready to take on the world!

7. In Quiet Places

Sometimes, all you need is to clear away the distractions of the day and start quietly looking at the world. Anything that’s going to distract you from your idea flow is not worth it, so you need to turn your phone off and focus your creativity.

8. Your Own Ideas

An idea has popped into your head that could be something big. No idea is a stupid idea, so always examine every thought that comes into your head at all times. Don’t ever allow a new concept to go by without examining it first. Half of the time, an idea that may feel far-fetched is THE idea, but you would have dismissed it!

9. In Yourself

A step back can do wonders for your thought train. It would help if you focused on yourself to get into the right headspace, and once you are there, the ideas are going to flow through you. It’ll be more natural to do things this way, and with some self-reflection, you can ensure that you are adequately focused on your ideas.

10.In Openness To All

Look to your colleagues, other entrepreneurs, individuals who write and more. Find inspiration in places you may not have found it before, and have as much insight as possible into the future this way, by being open to everything!

11. In Failure

Believe it or not, half of your inspiration is going to come from your failures. You can’t learn how to win without losing a few times first. Embrace it, though, as some of the best lessons that you will ever learn come from failing.

12. In Letting Go

Lastly, you can find a lot of inspiration in letting go of perfection. You do not have to have a perfect idea to have a good one.

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Where do YOU find inspiration? Which of these 12 places is your greatest source of inspiration?


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