Put Up Or Put Your Foot Down? Disagreeing With Your Employer’s Ethics

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Workplace Ethical Dilemma

Have you ever been faced with a moral dilemma at work? What if you knew your boss (a married man) was having an affair with a staff member? Or you knew your employer was guilty of tax evasion or gross negligence?   Would you speak out or keep mum? Would you stay with the company or move on?  If you’re not seeing eye to eye with your employer on ethical grounds, read on.  The contributed post below outlines the options available to you. 

Put Up Or Put Your Foot Down?

Disagreeing With Your Employer’s Ethics

You can feel so anxious in the workplace environment when there is something going on that you feel incredibly uncomfortable with. While there are common issues in the workplace, such as disagreement amongst employees, if, all of a sudden, you find yourself disagreeing with your employers from an ethical standpoint, what can you do?

Does biting your tongue help?

Sometimes, biting your tongue, albeit for a short period of time, can be helpful in this respect. If it’s something you feel incredibly uncomfortable with, this can be very difficult.

There is a useful article on https://www.inc.com/the-muse/when-to-bite-your-tongue-at-work/ to give you a few helpful hints if you are struggling with this. But, sometimes, it can be of benefit to you to keep your opinions to yourself, especially in the short term.

It could be detrimental to your career, especially if you decide to speak up so soon. So think about what you want to say first before you say it.

Are there legal ramifications?

The whistleblowing procedure in any workplace structure can feel incredibly intimidating. Depending on the organization you work for, you might have an uphill struggle if you are trying to get the truth out. And you well, very likely, fear for your own job security.

This is very understandable, but it does depend on the industry you work in. In the futures industries, there are legal avenues where you can get financial compensation for your whistleblowing. https://www.Secwhistleblowerattorney.Net/cftc-whistleblower-lawyer/ is one such law firm. Because you also need to consider, if you decide to not go down the whistle-blowing route, if not speaking up has a detrimental impact.

If there is something seriously damaging going on, such as illegal practices, you were found to have prior knowledge, and you didn’t do anything about it, this will not go in your favour.

In this respect, it’s vital that you speak up and go down the safest method as possible. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but you do need to consider the overall holistic impact on your future if you say nothing.

Can it impact your life?

Not just from a career perspective, but will there be an impact on your personal life if you are working in an organization that is ethically unsound?

It could have a personal impact on you in relation to your frame of mind. For example, you could be bringing this feeling home with you, and it could seriously impact your relationships. In this respect, it could have a drastic impact on your relationships with the ones you love.

Especially if there is a difference of opinion because some people will encourage you to stay at the organization, even if you don’t feel good about it because it’s a job. This means it’s down to you to make the final decision.

What are your personal options?

If you have weighed up everything and you’ve decided that it’s not something you can live with, then it’s time to start looking elsewhere.

Of course, this is a difficult process, but you’re not alone, there are so many other people who don’t take up employment in an organization because they disagree with their ethics. In this respect, it’s refreshing in the eyes of various employers, but also, it’s this ability to be upright and confident in what you will and won’t do for an employer is refreshing.

It is an emotional quandary if you disagree with your employer’s moral standpoint but it’s not something you have to stand for.

Over to You

Are you currently in some kind of moral dilemma at work? Hope this information helps you draw closer to making a decision? If you’re deep in inner debate and it’s wreaking emotional havoc I would recommend seeking the counsel of someone you respect in business. Alternatively, you may have to consider legal counsel. 

Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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