Why Sell on AWS Marketplace

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Why Sell on AWS Marketplace

The AWS Marketplace is a fantastic platform on Amazon for businesses or individuals to sell their products to AWS  customers.

You can currently sell the following products and services on AWS (Amazon Web Services) :

  • Computing
  • Application services
  • Networking
  • Storage
  • Analytics
  • Database
  • Deployment
  • Application services
  • Management
  • Mobile
  • Developer tools

If you choose to list your products on the portal it could become your primary source of sales.

7 Benefits of Selling on AWS Marketplace

Here are 7 benefits for companies selling on AWS Marketplace that cannot be overlooked.

Why Sell on AWS Marketplace? The AWS Marketplace is a fantastic platform on Amazon for businesses or individuals to sell their products to AWS customers. #whysellonawsmarketplace 1. Visibility for your brand

Listing your products in the AWS Marketplace offers boosted visibility among the vast community of AWS users, due to placing it in the market which is a substantial advantage. In addition, the AWS Marketplace search tool organically suggests relevant products matching the customer’s search queries, which could attract potential customers.

2. Credibility for your brand

AWS customers usually display more confidence in vendors that list their products on the AWS Marketplace. All products listed in the AWS Marketplace are vetted by the AWS team.  This gives customers the assurance that the products they are buying are AWS approved.

3. AWS takes care of everything

AWS Marketplace handles deployment, billing and collection of goods that are sold in the portal and pays vendors on a monthly basis. This is beneficial to you because not only do you avoid the hassle and costs linked to these activities, but your customers also benefit by experiencing a hassle-free and easy billing process that is already familiar to them.

4. Flexible pricing methods

The products that you sell as AMIs via the AWS Marketplace can be billed either hourly or monthly which is ideal for vendors that sell software, for instance, to avoid the need of developing a software deployment system or billing infrastructure. This provides you with flexible price options that are most suitable for you.

5. You have access to a free trial

If you opted for hourly-based pricing, your customers have access to integrated free trials through the AWS Marketplace instead of you having to develop your own infrastructure to provide trials. Once the free trial period lapses, your customers can transition effortlessly to the paid version.

6. Offering annual subscriptions

The annual subscription payment method is relatively new on the AWS Marketplace for products that are sold hourly. This feature is automatic and a hassle-free option to offer discounts to your long-term clients, plus you earn revenue upfront.

7. Usage, tracking, and delivery reports

The AWS Marketplace have a system in place that ensures only employees of businesses that are subscribed to your listings can utilize it with the AWS cloud. If they wish to unsubscribe, instances must be terminated. The AWS Marketplace platform offers automatic reports which indicate the number of subscribers you currently have.


As with any developing platform, the AWS Marketplace is unceasingly looking to expand and improve, however, not everything is yet supported. For instance, for products that are sold monthly, the integrated free trial, as well as annual pricing selections, are not yet available.

With all the benefits listed above, the AWS Marketplace can undoubtedly enable your business to grow worldwide and offer the support you need as a buyer.

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