Why Straight Clean Teeth Are Important for Your Career

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Why is Cleaning Teeth Important?

At least 3 or 4 times a week I find myself explaining to my 5-year-old why cleaning teeth is so important.  Do you find yourself doing that too?   It’s not easy for children to understand the longterm repercussions of poor choices in health and hygiene and it’s our job as parents to get the point across.  Some excellent ideas to add to your daily arguments below.

Why Straight Clean Teeth Are Important for Your Career

Having straight clean teeth gives you a winning smile, which boosts your confidence (and may even land you your next position). Read more at Inspiring Mompreneurs. #whyiscleaningteethimportant #dentistry #healthandwellness #careertipsThe workforce is competitive and getting hired for a position isn’t easy either. We would like to think that employers choose a candidate for a given position based off of their education, knowledge and experience.

However, while these qualifications are exceptionally important, this isn’t always the case when getting chosen for a job. Sometimes the deciding factor for a job can boil down to appearance (first impression) or “looks,” and based on this, just by simply having a healthy smile can certainly help to get you a job, which ultimately helps to advance your business career goals.

So, why is this the case?

Frankly, a smile says a lot about a person, most likely in more ways than you may think. To provide some examples, imagine the following:

1. A white and straight smile certainly says about an individual that they take pride in their appearance and care how others perceive them. To a hiring manager, this means that this individual’s representation of the company is positive and marketable.

2. A crooked or “yellowing” smile may provide the impression of below average cleanliness and may not be as marketable for a given company.

Think to yourself, as a hiring manager, if you have two candidates who have equally, similar qualifications for one position, which candidate would positively stand out the most to you?

More than likely, you may choose to go with the candidate with the straight and white smile.

The San Antonio Business Journal reveals interesting findings from a consumer study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Various pictures of individuals who had received dental work and those who had no dental work done at all were shown to various Americans.

The results showed that individuals who had dental work done made them appear smarter, successful and wealthy to others.

Additionally, successful professionals may not all have exquisite smiles, but by having crooked or crowded teeth it is likely to be embarrassed resulting in smiling much less.

In job interviews, a smile can show that you are excited to be there and engaged in your conversation.

What to Do If You Are Self-Conscious About Your Smile

If you are self-conscious or just simply not happy with how your smile looks, you should know right away that there are options out there to change it.

Whether it is practical or cosmetic, anyone has the power of creating a smile that they feel confident in so that they can help to achieve whatever career path they choose.

Depending on the “look” you are going for it may be best to consult with a dentist first, where you would be given appropriate information on what can be done or if a referral to an orthodontist is something that may be right for you.

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According to expert dentists in Raleigh, NC, this is what can help improve a smile

Orthodontic treatments like braces, Invisalign, etc. can help to straighten teeth and correct crookedness or crowing.

Tooth whitening can help to improve any discolouration or “yellowness” of the teeth by using bleach products to “whiten” a smile.

Veneers are like crowns, but much thinner. They serve as a covering over the natural teeth, to help give you a smile you may have always dreamed of. They can be shaped and coloured to your personal preference.

Crowns, which fit on top of natural teeth, also help to improve the esthetic of an appearance. Just like veneers, crowns can be shaped and coloured to personal preference.

Implants look like natural teeth and serve the purpose of natural teeth. If you have a gap, space or missing teeth an implant can serve to be your “natural tooth” in that space. They are strong and have become very popular throughout dentistry today.

Composite fillings help to restore teeth that may have fallen susceptible to tooth decay. Depending on the severity of tooth decay, these can cause teeth to appear darkened. A composite filling will replace where the decay was on the tooth and leave the tooth looking “tooth-coloured” again!

Are your teeth beautifully straight and pearly white?  Do you have a winning smile that exudes self-confidence? How often do you go to the Dentist and which of the treatment strategies above have helped you most?

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  1. Darryl Swenson

    Having straight teeth is critical in the business world. As silly as that sounds there have been moments in my professional marketing career when others with yellow and crooked teeth have proposed an idea but it didn’t end up getting accepted because the teeth actually made it less appealing… Personal hygiene is very important people! Getting teeth cleaned professionally is of vital importance.


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