Dentist St John’s Wood, Where Dental Care Means Holistic Health

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Dentist St John’s Wood, Where Dental Care Means Holistic Health

Sporadic dentistry used to be dictated by a patient experiencing dental pain either through a traumatic event such as periodontitis or dental caries.

Over time patients have come to realise that effective oral hygiene requires a regular checkup and not only visiting your dentist when you have a problem.

This is where the dentist’s chairside manner is so important and this dental practice consists of a team who from the front of house through to the dental clinicians have the same ethos.

They don’t treat a set of teeth and gums, they treat people and they provide a level of dental service that they would expect to receive if they were the patient.

A relationship for life

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To be a dentist St John’s Wood requires being part of a team who all have a skill and a personality that compliments each other. This team is focused on ensuring you have an impeccable experience that will keep you returning. Building a relationship with anyone takes time and must be based on trust and being honest with each other.

From the time that you arrive at Aura Dental you will experience their genuine and sincere motivation to make you feel welcome and comfortable. They are always striving to provide the best service possible and to do this their staff regularly attend seminars and training.

Dental anxiety is one of the causes of patients not taking the appropriate care of their teeth and attending regular dental checkups. Their team is dedicated to helping you by educating you on why adhering to a properly designed oral hygiene plan will result in preventing tooth decay and gum disease in the future.

Dentist St John’s Wood, Where Dental Care Means Holistic Health | Dentist St Johns Wood pinAll your dental services

A highly skilled and experienced team will provide you with all the dental services that you need.

If you have children, this team would like to invite you to bring them with you from a very young age. Their staff will take care of them while you receive your treatment and you can relax because some of the team have their own children so they are comfortable baby sitting.

You will be doing them a big favour and help them on their journey to be dental anxiety free. The sooner you bring them in, the sooner they become used to the dental surgery and the team.

  • Their team of hygienists will ensure that your teeth receive that extra cleaning and removal of plaque.
  • They will also identify if you need to change your brushing technique or your toothbrush to ensure that you are taking the best care of your teeth.
  • They can advise you on your eating habits and which foods and drinks to avoid or reduce.
  • They won’t let you down if you find yourself requiring an emergency appointment.
  • They will arrange to see you as soon as possible because the sooner you are treated the less stress you will endure and the better the chance of a positive outcome.
  • Crowns, dentures and bridges as well as root canal treatment, extractions and fillings are ably handled by this dental team.

Cosmetic dentistry and more complex procedures

Dentist St John’s Wood

Veneers, inlays and composite bonding have become extremely popular and their team performs these procedures regularly.

For dentists, the primary concern is the proper function of your teeth and then their aesthetic appearance. A good practice will therefore always be candid in their advice to ensure that your teeth work properly and look their best.

Over the years, this team’s experience and technique of correcting misaligned teeth has helped many patients to enjoy producing a broad smile that they are proud to display.

The invention of dental implants many decades ago has allowed their experienced clinicians to offer this service as a stable and permanent alternative to dentures and bridges.

They are motivated and inspired to deliver the best service to you, their patients, because they are dedicated to helping you retain your teeth and enjoy oral health for your lifetime.

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