What NOT To Focus On When You Want To Make Money

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What NOT To Focus On When You Want To Make Money

Are you focusing on all the stuff that doesn't make you money? Find out now. #WhatNOTtoFocusOnWhenYouWantToMakeMoneyWhen you’re a busy mom that’s trying to run her own home corporation, life doesn’t always go smoothly. It’s true. You may find that your time and your energy are both stretched thin. Because it’s hard to know where your attention should go at any given time.

You’re busy trying to run your business but at the same time you’re a mom and you have home responsibilities too. Making money is not your only job – not all the time, at least. And that can be tough.

However, this just means that you have to get extra tight when it comes to your attention.

So let’s take a look at some of the things that you should NOT focus on when you want to make money.


Now, this may sound strange, but you really cannot be spending all of your time on the financial side of things.

Yes, you need to set goals, you need to track your earnings, and you need to make sure that you’re profitable. But these are all topline things.

You should not be processing payments or invoicing or processing your taxes unless you really, REALLY have to. Because all of this can be done by an Accountant, meaning that you get to put your focus onto the work that generates more money.


And nobody wants to worry about IT when they’re products to create, services to be giving, and marketing to do! So, outsource it! Whether we’re talking your IT tech support, application managed services, or even your printing – leave it to the experts. IT issues can always hold us back. So when your time is limited, you need to let this go and focus on what’s important.


Admin is something that we all have in business. But if you’re starting to notice that you are spending hours on it, you need to stop. Hire a virtual assistant that can do all of this for you. From emails to processing to social media scheduling – getting help here allows you to focus on making more money.


And don’t, whatever you do, let yourself fall into the trap of just doing a quick chore here and there. Because this will only ever make things harder for you!

You need to either keep your chores to set times of the day (non-working times) or hire help around the home.  You may feel strange about it at first, but if it allows you to focus on work more and have more time with your family, it’s a great idea.


Last but not least, you cannot focus on your competitors. Because you will just end up thinking too much about what they’re doing and probably copying them too.

And the whole idea of being you as a business is to make sure that you are unique and that you are doing things your own way. Sure, it’s handy to know what’s going on in the market, but what your customers want from you is way more important than what your competitors are doing.

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4 Replies to “What NOT To Focus On When You Want To Make Money”

  1. John

    Hi  Lauren, thank you for sharing the wonderful tips on what NOT to focus on when you want to make money.I think you must be speaking from experience.  I like all your suggestions, even chores which I hadn’t thought too much about before.  But it makes sense, if your hourly rate that you can earn from your home business/side hustle is is higher than what you would pay someone, then this seems a great idea.  I learned a lot about not focusing on competition too, because when you end of thinking too much about what they’re doing you risk copying them too. Great suggestions, really gets me thinking, what can I outsource and focusing on my income producing activities. Thank you.

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi John, so happy to hear you enjoyed this post so much and got so much out of it. So did I. 

      This was actually a contributed post so I learnt a lot too.  I’m still at that crazy stage where I do everything myself, including most of my household chores.  

      I agree with you, it’s about reaching that wonderful stage in business when you’re making enough to pay for help. It’s a delicate balance, weighing up what your time is worth and what you can afford to pay others.

  2. Jayde Butcher

    I find this a lot, I have so much going on, so little time and so much I want to do! I never know which task to begin with, or when I should move on to the next, to get everything done in one working day. I agree at first you should just focus on building the foundations and not worry about the money making from the beginning, as you need to build a good foundation to begin with. 

    • Lauren Kinghorn Post author

      Hi Jayde, oh yes! person’s conundrum.  So many wonderful ideas, just not enough time to action all of them.  I know hard it is to shut down the laptop when there are still a gazillion tasks at hand. And that’s exactly why we need to consider outsourcing some of our tasks.  Are there any tasks you can hand over to someone else?


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