What Modern Businesses Can Take For Granted

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It’s so easy to take things for granted. Just think of how we consume media now. There used to be a time where if you wanted to watch a television program, you’d have to look up the time of broadcast in a written guide or wait for the channel itself to advertise the show. Then, you’d wait.

If you couldn’t make it, you’d ask a relative to videotape it. Then, if you didn’t watch that in time, there’s a chance that tape might be misplaced or taped over again, and then you’ll have had to wait until it’s shown again-  if that happened.

Now, we don’t even think about it. If we want it, it’s there. You could start watching the beginning of Game of Thrones right this second if you wanted to.

But before you do that, let us consider how taking things for granted is also a prescient part of our everyday life. We can feel ourselves falling into this habit quite easily should we not guard against it. The more we think about this, the more we can appreciate our current processes, and learn how to better them.


Are you old enough to remember when an office looked like this?  I am. We've come a loooong way. #whatmodernbusinessestakeforgrantedCommunication

There was a time where most communication you had between departments was the morning briefing.

Now, video conferencing is the norm, as well as instant messaging, group emails, social media posts, and a range of internal connection opportunities.

Communication is an amazing thing, and it’s only gotten easier. In fact, we can have too much communication, to the point where employees spend all day catering to their inbox for an hour before they even begin the purpose of their daily work.

Teach your staff brevity, secure communications, and allow staff to only interface with their inbox while at work or during remote working hours. This can lead to the healthiest approach.


The reach we have to contact our customers is amazing. Any time of day you can email them, as a whole or individually, with promotions or offers.

You can launch new sentiments through your social media channels, call your audience to action, or potentially drop teasers for a new project.

You might have noticed the rise in street food trucks using social media to their benefit. That is a whole new business culture that has opened up through social media use. It might be that considering the value of this can grant you new life when it comes to promoting your business.

Personal Well Being

More and more, we are starting to realise just how to keep our wellbeing at top form at work.

  • From standing desks
  • excellent HR management
  • ergonomic chair and computer setups
  • the ability to take reliable sick leave
  • to work from home
  • to communicate with staff effectively

These advances allow us to progress more deeply towards personal well being and to ensure that work/life balance is effectively met. Taking all this into consideration, you might realise just how good we have certain elements of our modern working life.

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Were you in business 30 or 40 years ago?  It was so different then, wasn’t it?  Remember when we used to send documents by snail mail or fax and write cheques.  When almost all advertising was above the line and below the line was mostly junk mail, by post?  Now you get the same communication via email, SMS or even Whatsapp.

What do you take for granted in your modern business?

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