Dispelling the Monotony:  5 Ways for Keeping a Meeting Fresh and Exciting

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Exciting isn’t the word most people would use to describe a meeting, but it could be. If your office meetings tend to be a bit boring, there are ways to spice it up without detracting from the professional atmosphere in the office.

Check out the tips here to help make your meetings fresh and exciting, and to encourage employees to pay more attention during any meeting you need to have.

Are your staff members falling asleep in your meetings? Let's fix that. #keepingameetingfreshandexciting #businessmeetings #businesstipsKeep Snacks Handy

Hungry people simply don’t pay attention as well as those who are well fed.

Plus, fun snacks can be a great way to get more employees interested in attending the meeting. Try having a variety of different snacks on hand so everyone can pick out something they’ll like.

Make sure to choose items that are easy to eat and that won’t require using the microwave, getting silverware, or anything else that could interrupt the meeting.

Try a snack delivery service to find all of the perfect snacks for meetings.

Avoid Single-Speaker Presentations

When just one person is talking, it can be incredibly boring, especially if it’s always the same person talking about the same topics.

Instead, switch things up and let others talk too. Allow employees to do their own presentations during the meeting or have a question and answer session to make the meeting more interactive. When more people can talk, it’s going to get everyone interested in the conversation.

Make the Meeting Interactive

An interactive meeting is always going to be more fun for employees. Standard lectures are boring but adding interactive components can make the whole meeting interesting and engaging.

Check out different ways to encourage interaction, like having employees use props throughout the meeting. Interactive components should not distract the employees but should encourage them to pay more attention to everything that’s said.

Limit the Length of the Meeting

Many meetings are boring just because they go on for far too long. Instead of having a meeting that takes up half the day, have more frequent but shorter meetings.

Most people are going to be able to focus on a single topic for an hour, but their interest will wane if the meeting goes on longer than this.

By keeping the meetings short, you can get the information to the employees without worrying about their minds wandering.

Choose a Fun Location for the Meeting

The office isn’t the only place to hold a meeting. Is it a great day? Hold the morning meeting outside. Even heading out to a local coffee shop or bakery can break up the monotony and make the meeting a lot more fun.

Try going on a short hike and discussing the meeting agenda over a picnic or having a fun time playing games before starting the meeting.

Anything that’s a break from the usual is going to interest employees more and encourage them to pay more attention to everything that happens during the meeting.

Most employees complain that meetings are boring, but that doesn’t need to be the case for your office. Instead of just talking for a couple of hours in the same space, order some fun snacks, head outside, and have a more interactive meeting.

Following the tips here can help you make the meeting fresh and exciting, which your employees are going to love.

What unique ideas have you come up with to freshen up your meetings and make them more exciting? Have you tried any of these?

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