Ultimate Review: Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency

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What have you heard about Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency?

You probably know by now that Ideazon was founded by Ron Stone and Matt Gree and developed mostly to help entrepreneurs and startups who wish to have success in launching a crowdfunding project.

In this detailed review, Lisa Noble takes a deep dive into this digital marketing agency, sharing her personal experience.

Ultimate Review: Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency

Written By Lisa Noble

As a full-time Mom and Entrepreneur, I was originally looking to get investors for my business idea, and then my business mentor recommended I try crowdfunding. While searching through the web about how to crowdfund, I found Ideazon and their marketing agency.

Ideazon’s team helps you prepare your crowdfunding project and raise funding after you launch. So I went ahead and submitted my product details to them for review, and they agreed to partner with me.

Who is Ideazon?

Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency

Ideazon has a good background in crowdfund marketing with expertise in advertising, Facebook Ads, Branding, Content Creation, and many more.

The Ideazon team is a group of digital marketing professionals who are experts in different fields needed to launch a new product or idea. They have a successful track record and have been behind multiple 6-figure crowdfund marketing projects over the years.

Ideazon learned these marketing skills while working with tech startups and different large VC firms, which allowed them to master the process of growing small startup ideas into profitable businesses very quickly. They were able to expand their agency and started to dominate the crowdfund marketing industry.

Since they had experience helping countless startups and major VC firms grow their businesses and have a big exit (slang for getting acquired by a bigger firm), they already were years ahead of other marketing agencies who only dabbled in the startup marketing world. After a lot of success in their field, they started helping entrepreneurs ditch VC firms and instead take advantage of the booming crowdfunding industry.

Before we go into the Ideazon process, we should address why they are so popular with their clients and ranked highly in the crowdfunding community.

To keep it simple, Ideazon is very direct and straightforward. From their videos, webinars, and crowdfunding podcasts, they only focus on helping entrepreneurs who they think they can get results and nothing else.

This is why there are not as many reviews about them online because they don’t really care about popularity.  It’s not about signing on more clients than anyone else or working with everybody who submits ideas to them.

Ideazon only cares about their client’s success with their crowdfunding launch. They structure every partnership so that it’s a win-win for everybody involved.

Many other agencies do not care about their success rate and only brag about how many projects they promote and how much money a handful of their biggest projects might make. Ideazon doesn’t do this. On the contrary, Ideazon does quite the opposite.

They are pretty quiet about how much money their biggest projects generate and they try to show a wide range of success stories from big to small that are more typical of crowdfunding. They show these as proof that crowdfunding isn’t like hitting the lottery and raising millions on your first project, but instead, is a real avenue to raise money and it’s possible to achieve realistic goals with the right help.

To cap it off, Ideazon shares their exact methods that work in getting their clients funded. Unlike other agencies that simply want you to “trust me” and cost thousands of dollars, yet you have no idea what they’re actually doing for you.

Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency was developed to help entrepreneurs and startups achieve success in launching a crowdfunding project. In-Depth Review by Lisa Noble. #ideazoncrowdfundingagencyIdeazon Review

Ideazon is both a crowdfund marketing agency and a video production studio. They launch less than 50 products per year and have had a lot of success using their launch strategies. I will give you my thoughts on if it is worth it or not.

Ideazon offers entrepreneurs and inventors access to a wide-ranging, quality, comprehensive marketing covering specific and critical crowdfund marketing aspects.

They not only provide their clients with mentorship, but they also provide hands-on buildout of everything you need to crowdfund like professional design of your project page, high-end content creation, market validation, and marketing management.

This is very essential for people with 0 experience in crowdfunding and who aren’t marketing experts. We all know that crowdfunding is on the rise and we need expert marketing from real professionals if we want to stand out and get serious funding.

One thing that makes Ideazon stand out from the crowd is its way of building projects that will resonate with the crowdfunding community. We know that nowadays, getting your product or startup picked up by your target audience is very tough because of the competition and that is why you need to stand out with great marketing.

Ideazon will make sure you not only get attention but you get the right attention from the right audiences. Their professional marketing team will help you communicate the right message and brand, and help you find your target market. Basically, they help you with everything that you need to launch the best crowdfunding campaign possible.

The marketing budget they require to get the best results will depend on exactly how much you are trying to raise from crowdfunding.

Small projects need only $5,000 to $10,000, which includes your ad budgets too so it’s much more affordable than the alternatives of trying to do it all yourself or hiring a full-time marketing person.  However, this does not mean it’s cheap.

Bigger projects need to invest between $15,000 to $25,000 if they are trying to raise the most money possible and want to get huge exposure. The percentage they earn from the crowdfunding project funding varies depending on your goals too.

With the Ideazon process, they help you not only implement advanced crowdfund marketing strategies they also help with real-life business skills to use later too. It includes things such as:

  • Marketing content and videos you can use for your company.
  • Useful information about your target audience.
  • Proof of concept for your business.
  • How to keep promoting yourself.
  • How to do e-commerce.
  • How to run your social media.
  • How to get more customers and expand.
  • Get interest from investors.
  • Retail opportunities and other options.
  • How to grow your business to new levels.
  • How to automate key parts of your business.
  • Additional crowdfunding launches for new products.

These are only a few aspects of your campaign that Ideazon works on. And the main reason why their marketing strategies are so effective is that they partner with entrepreneurs in the early stages.  This way entrepreneurs can make use of their expertise step-by-step on each important part of the marketing and offer.

A lot of people say Ideazon is very expensive but compared to other alternatives you are getting a very good deal for committing only a minimum marketing budget needed. This is also because every project they promote is a partnership deal where they get a portion of the profits from the crowdfunding raise. This helps entrepreneurs get the help they need now even if they’re on a tight budget, and they feel confident that everything is being done right without cutting corners.

Ideazon is meant to be a 90-day program, but you can take as long as you want or get started now while still reserving a launch date later in the year that you’re most comfortable with.

What you find here is nothing like any other program before this. No other marketing agency will partner with you to go out of their way to prepare everything you need to launch your business with crowdfunding.

It is genuine marketing expertise and strategy that works despite some people thinking that this is a scam or too good to be true. You can watch one of their free crowdfunding webinars to learn more about how it all works, which I found very informative.

Some people have used Ideazon to raise 6 and 7 figures crowdfunding. However, if you want to get the same results as these people, you need to have a great product or idea and go through their 2-3 month preparation process.

This is because there are things that take a while to do, like building an email list of leads for your business before you launch, which almost nobody ever does on their own. It’s very hard to learn how to do this stuff on your own, let alone find someone good who can do it for you.

Ideazon’s track record comes purely from working in crowdfund marketing for a long period, which makes them different than freelance marketers or the typical social media marketing services out there. They are veterans in the industry for a long time.

Once you partner with Ideazon they start researching your target market and doing test marketing for you to best prepare for launch. This helps a lot of people to get a better idea of their customer and to start building some interest in anticipation for their crowdfunding launch. It is a very interactive process working with their team and they are always encouraging you every step of the way.

Different From Any Other Agency

Unlike other marketing agencies and crowdfunding services, Ideazon Crowdfunding agency is different because of 3 things:

1. The Team

Ideazon’s team has marketing experts from all areas needed to help you succeed in crowdfunding. The #1 reason why people fail is that they try to do everything on their own, get stuck, and give up.

Ideazon requires a reasonable marketing budget to start up because they have to pay for all of the marketing startup costs and advertising to ensure crowdfunding success and make sure you can raise as much as possible.

This is also why Ideazon has such a high crowdfunding success rate in the industry. They have marketing experts that work in the field of crowdfund marketing and growing your business to new levels of success afterwards too.

2. Process

Another reason why Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency is better is that their team follows a proven process and customizes their strategy to your product or startup.

They do NOT use a one size fits all approach, and it’s NOT a strategy that they’ve done only a handful of items like other agencies.

They are crowdfund marketing professionals that actually work in the field. This is crucial to your success because you will work with someone that knows what they are doing and has done it before.

I personally think that the crowdfunding process and preparation they do is the #1 determining factor to success outside of having a great product or idea. Because without a team and a game plan, you end up getting lost or rushing it which gets no results.

3. Partnership Opportunity

Next, I want to mention the opportunity to partner with them. The Ideazon agency has one of the BEST opportunities to partner up and launch your project.

You get to work with a team full of experts in the crowdfunding field applying all their new techniques and strategies. They have a stake in your success and will profit off a successful project.

They are not part of some marketing service that just takes a fee and treats you like a number. When you have a performance deal with a company FULL of experts working on your project and promoting it every day, it is difficult not to get success in crowdfunding and in your business.

DIY & Marketing Services Do Not Work

Online guides and Youtube videos about how to crowdfund do not work. Notice how there are a ton of free material online to get started in crowdfunding. Problem is, these people do not specialize in crowdfunding and do not have an established process or the crowdfunding network like Ideazon does.

Ideazon has launched over 100+ crowdfunding projects from scratch and helped over 300+ people get funding and exposure for their businesses. This is why getting professional help from Ideazon’s team and having them manage your product launch is crucial to your success if you want to get your product to market and raise 6 figures on Kickstarter.

Youtube videos and guides about crowdfund marketing are usually wrong or don’t know the MOST efficient method of getting real results. Other marketing professionals are extremely inexperienced and try to apply strategies you don’t need to do, which are not effective in getting exposure or results in the fast-paced crowdfunding world.

Because Ideazon has an entire team of support and marketing professionals ready to plan and execute a launch strategy for you, you will get exactly what you need every step of the way so you’re not wasting any time or money.

Ideazon has spent several years testing what works in the crowdfunding market and knows exactly where you need marketing help and how to help you.

Their team gives you hands-on help to make sure that you are on the fastest track to success. They have tested the fastest way to get a 6-figure Kickstarter funded even if you have absolutely ZERO experience crowdfunding, and they share in the final success of the raise, which is why you need to apply to partner with them.

It is not like any other DIY approach or hiring a regular marketing person.

What’s Inside Ideazon’s Launch Plan

Phase 1 – Test Marketing

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This is what they did for me in the first several weeks:

  • Test marketing to identify my target market
  • What to do to avoid failure
  • Feedback from Crowdfunders
  • Building Interest For My Product
  • Facebook Ads Testing
  • Basics of Branding and Message
  • Advanced Branding Strategy
  • Opportunities For Expanded Markets

If you are a complete beginner to marketing or you’re in the startup stage, this is a very helpful phase for you to go through since it helps everyone get clear on your target market and the branding.

If you know the basics of marketing this will be like an advanced version on things you know already and how to put it into use for results.

Obviously, if you know nothing about how to get started in marketing and you’re most on the product design or engineering side, don’t worry – They will keep you updated on everything and they’ll also handle it all for you.

Phase 2 – Creating Marketing Content

In phase 2, they create high-quality marketing content for your project and promotions.

What content is needed you might ask?

Well, crowdfund promotions require a ton of content from copywriting, pictures, video, graphic design, you name it.

When you partner with Ideazon they have all these skills (like knowing video production or Facebook ads design), so you can easily let them do it all and just follow along with your feedback.

  • Developing Your Crowdfunding pitch
  • Crowdfunding page design
  • Quality Promotional Videos
  • Best Pricing Structure

Just this phase alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars (not joking, you would have to pay writers, videographers, graphic designers, marketing freelancers, and not get the best of the best).

This is when Ideazon’s expertise shines and why most people prefer to have them do everything for them under one roof. They work together to create the exact marketing content needed to develop high performance crowdfund promotions. This means you just follow their process, approve the works, and see how your dream starts to come together into a reality.

Phase 3 – Launching Your Project

Now, this is when the agency shines and Ideazon’s hard work. This phase is an accumulation of their years of marketing experience and weeks preparing for your specific project launch.

In phase 3 they launch EVERYTHING you need to start raising funding quickly and get massive exposure for your project.

They manage all of your promotions for you during the entire launch to help you raise the $100,000+ goals on your Kickstarter project.

How do they do this? By leaving nothing out of a major marketing launch plan. They include:

  • Email Marketing Your Target Audiences
  • Viral Social Media Promotions
  • Advertising On Facebook And Instagram
  • Featuring Your Project With Kickstarter
  • Getting Bloggers To Write About You
  • And Promoting To Large Crowdfunding Networks

Everything has already been tested and proven to work, so their projects and clients get the best results possible for their big crowdfunding launch. This is why their clients get such great success. They already did all the preparation and marketing work for them.

Phase 4 – Go Beyond Crowdfunding

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This is when things get crazy. This is the final part of the launch program when you are finished raising funds and have some traction for your startup. Though they prefer to keep things private, I am going to break it down to you her.

In this phase, they start creating a blueprint for continuing marketing and creating a sustainable business for you. They break down their proven growth strategies for your startup after you raise the funding.

Not only this, they can help you get investors, media coverage, and even retail partners from their network to join in. Once you are successful with crowdfunding there is a whole range of things they can continue to help you with. These include:

  • Ecommerce Sales
  • How to make highly profitable Facebook Ads
  • Managing your social media strategy
  • How to create effective Google Ads
  • Scaling your business to 7 figures
  • Launching more crowdfunding projects
  • Media coverage, Shark Tank Investors, and more

What I LOVE About Ideazon

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If you’re a first-time crowdfunder, not a marketing expert, just looking for the right marketing partner, and want to raise between $50,000 to $250,00 for your startup, then you need this agency.

This agency is for entrepreneurs and inventors who need a marketing team, and want to work with the best.

Even if you have experience in marketing, this is a no-brainer for you to increase the amount of funding you can raise. There is no confusion, everything is straight forward, you get guaranteed quality work from their team, guidance from their experts, all their proven marketing strategies behind you that they’ve spent years mastering.

So if you are looking to get the best crowdfunding results, you will get that with this agency if you invest in your marketing and have a creative project you want to get off the ground. There is nothing like it. This is a great agency for people that are interested in doing it right and want to get funded the first time.

Get to know some of the success stories of individuals who took a step further in their career and succeeded with the Ideazon agency…

Ultimate Review: Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency | 1W1HG7Cq1lNVgLOpmHIXbUtqFHuOqVtzlc6w

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Ultimate Review: Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency |

What I don’t like about Ideazon

Ideazon keeps their high-level ads strategies private. This means the stuff they are using is part of their secret formula and they’d rather not let the world know how they get their clients such great ROI.

They are also very selective about what projects they take on in the first place. Ideazon reviews each project to make sure its a fit before offering to partner with you.

They only take on the best projects, and even if you have a good product they usually do not let many people in because they keep such close attention to each of their clients. Which also means there are not many spots for entrepreneurs to join.

Many potential entrepreneurs last year were denied because they try to keep their clientele small to pay close attention to each project and get the best results. This is why they are able to require a small upfront marketing budget – because they have a shot of getting a cut of the sales when you’re successful.

I like this approach because now their only job is to make sure their client’s projects are a success.

If you ever get a chance to partner with them, you need to join hands because you’ll need all the marketing expertise you can get. The initial marketing budget is a no-brainer because you can make your money back within a couple of months, and then you can have a safe and successful business income for the rest of your life.

Ideazon Crowdfunding Agency – Final Verdict

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After looking at all the information, going through their track record and launch strategy, there is no reason why you can’t trust Ideazon. They have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine and have great reviews from their past clients all over the internet.

I have also seen some of their successful products selling online and their funded projects all over Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The quality marketing they did for others shows that they are crowdfunding experts with years of experience building businesses and helping people get funded. An agency I certainly will continue to use for my next ideas and projects.

This agency has changed the lives of many who have partnered with them. From having 0 sales in their business to generating 70k-120k+ in crowdfunding pre-sales in just 90 days.

Ideazon helped me change my career and life trajectory completely with this product launch, so yes Ideazon is the real deal and I’m sure their crowdfunding strategies can help you if you make the leap and get the right help behind you.

About The Author – Lisa Noble

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I am stay-at-home Mom and Blogger. I love learning and figuring out ways to make money online. I started my first business at age 21 after having my first child.

I like to blog about entrepreneurship and startups, especially marketing. I also like providing information to help other Mom Entrepreneurs succeed.


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