Types of Advertising for Your Small Business

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Types of Advertising for Your Small Business

Once you have set up your small business and put everything you need in place to start earning money, you need to advertise. Even the best business in the world will fail if nobody knows it exists and what it offers.

But what is the best way to advertise in the digital age, with so many forms of advertising available, both old and new? Read on to find out.

What is the best way to advertise in the digital age, with so many forms of advertising available, both old and new?SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING

There are now 3.8 billion people using social media worldwide. They use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for personal and business purposes.

That’s one reason social media advertising is so effective, the other is that it’s very effective at targeting your demographic audience and offering them the products they need the most.

Social media platforms have high levels of analytical data that can be harnessed by your small business. This data allows you to target your advertising more effectively and use your budget more wisely.


Another very effective form of digital advertising is pay-per-click ads. These are the display ads you see popping up on browsers and websites when you use the Internet.

Where pay-per-click ads appear is determined by how much you pay for them. The more you invest in ads, the more they will show up on browsers and search results.

Pay-per-click ads are slightly different from organic SEO results. When you work with a professional SEO company they will help your website receive more traffic and business to grow its customer base.


Although digital advertising is the primary form of advertising today, there is still a place for older forms of advertising, like broadcast ads on television and radio.

Despite the vast number of people using the Internet more and more for media consumption, most people haven’t abandoned traditional mediums altogether.

If you operate a small business locally and you want to reach a broad local audience with a brand focused ad, then local radio and subscription services are very good places to invest.


Like other forms of digital advertising, mobile advertising is very efficient and successful. Mobile advertising allows you to target your customers directly when they are in the local area near your business.

Whether It’s a new or existing customer in the area that fits your analytical demographic, you can send them quick ads and notifications about discount products and services.

This is much faster and more effective than a random billboard on the street because it draws your customers attention and makes the information directly relevant to them.


Print is another older form of media that still has a part to play in advertising. At one time, print media was the top dog for advertising but it can’t compete with the efficiency of digital forms.

As a result of its demise, print media has become more expensive to advertise in. Still, it has a range of benefits for certain companies operating in certain fields.

If you market to older people, for instance, they are likely to be far more responsive to print adverts than to digital ones. They are also more likely to view them.

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