The Formula that makes it Impossible to Fail even during a Pandemic

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Expert Guest Post by Bestselling Author, Trina Rea

I hope this email finds you and your family safe and well…

That’s how work emails start these days, and I was afraid to reply with the truth:

To be honest I’m hanging in here by a thread trying to juggle my day-job (which I’m lucky to have), home-schooling three kids under seven years, and supporting my elderly mother who has been sensibly cocooning since March.

Dark Night of the Soul

I was utterly exhausted, which was made worse by living under the guillotine of job losses.  I worried that at any moment my husband’s business could go under or indeed I could lose my job or my hours could be cut back.

But things are never as bad as they seem at three in the morning and this is what I told myself as I slipped into what seemed to be a lunatic’s dream sequence.

It was also clear that exceptional has a pattern. I used this pattern to create a framework - so anyone could learn the strategies of the exceptional 10%. #formula #impossibletofailHiking at Dawn

At dawn, I got up and set off to hike the mountain behind my house.

Nature has always been my reset but for the last 10 years I had a job which involved a 4 hour round trip to work (this was balanced out by the fact that I loved this job), and I also had three small demanding kids (also balanced out by the fact that I loved them)… however, there wasn’t much time for hiking.

I hadn’t set foot on this mountain since I was a kid. It was harder to ascend that I remembered but the struggle upwards was a welcomed distraction from the thoughts in my head.

By the time I reached the top something happened that would probably never have occurred if I hadn’t given myself this headspace to shut off my thinking because that’s what happens when you do a hard hike (especially when you’re unfit).

You have to concentrate on picking each step so you don’t slip or fall; there’s no space for other thoughts.

Aha Moment

As I took a deep inhale at the top of the mountain I realised two things:

1. I’d no phone signal so no one could ask me to do anything aka bliss (as long as I could get down the mountain…).

2. And it struck me that the solution to my problem had been right in front of me all along but I’d been too freaked out to notice.

For the last two years, I’d been doing academic research on what the exceptional 10% of employees do differently to outperform everyone else. A decade of independent studies revealed that the exceptional 10% have a certain way of working which challenges our deep-rooted social and personal work norms.

It was also clear that exceptional has a pattern. I used this pattern to create a framework - so anyone could learn the strategies of the exceptional 10%. #formula #impossibletofail

What the Exceptional Do Differently

For example, the exceptional 10% do not work long hours, they never work late or at weekends.

It was also clear that exceptional has a pattern which is fully replicable.

So I used this pattern to create a framework – a step-by-step program, so anyone could learn and replicate the strategies, skills and approaches of the exceptional 10%.

This research lay in my laptop, of no use to anyone else as I hadn’t finished it or published it, but I did have a framework ready to go and now I could be the first one to see if it truly was replicable.

The Birth of the BrainRest Framework

I used my B.R.A.I.N. R.E.S.T™ framework to launch my first online business, and even though I’d no business background, no tech know-how, no investment money, and perhaps scariest of all – no childcare – I launched in six weeks and made a profit of €20,000 in the first month.

The business was an online course called Mum to Mogul that teaches women how to launch their own courses based on their expertise or life experience. I’m a third level lecturer and course director of a BSc so I do know about course creation and I know what makes compelling content as I’ve been a TV producer for over a decade.

I showed my students how they could create a course once and resell it over and over again on automation – and make money while they slept.

My Gift to You

I want mothers everywhere to benefit from my framework so now I give this training for freeHave a look.

And if you do nothing else, carve out a little alone time, go for a walk before your family wake, let nature be your reset and problems which looked like they had no solution will begin to unravel… just don’t get stuck up a mountain without a phone signal!

My descent was a muddy nightmare, albeit easier since a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

Trina Rina_Founder of Mum to MogulAbout the Author

Trina Rea is a best-selling author, a Fulbright TechImpact Scholar, former visiting Scholar to New York University, and is currently a third level lecturer and course director of a BSc. 

Trina Rea is founder of  and

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