It’s Sensible to Take Care Of Your Senses

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Of all the things that you need to deal with when it comes to your health, it’s your senses.

You look after your bones and your skin with exercise and shading from the sunshine, but what do you do for your eyes?

Do you think about your senses when you book a music festival or concert? Your ears would be affected by the music, but you’re so busy happy and dancing you don’t notice until days later when they begin to ring!

You see, without thinking, we don’t look after our senses unless there’s a problem.

Being at your healthiest is so essential, but it’s not always easy to achieve. So many people go out of their way to eat well and exercise, but unless you’re preventing something going wrong, you’re not going to notice a slow decline in hearing or sight until it’s possibly too late.

Your senses are surprisingly easy to overlook, especially given that we use them at all times. However, if you really do want to enjoy the world you are living in, you need to think about preempting any issues that could affect your senses.

You need to keep the best care of your eyesight, your sense of smell, your hearing and your taste buds. It’s sensible to take care of your senses, and we’ve got some suggestions for how you can do precisely that.

We tend to take our senses for granted, we don't think about them until there's a problem. Here's how and why to take care of your senses before it's too late. #takecareofyoursenses #selfcare #healthandwellnessYour Eyesight

One of our best assets is our eyesight. We see the world through rose-tinted glasses much of the time, but if we don’t look after our vision, we’re not going to be seeing much of anything.

When you realise that the consequences of not taking care of your sight is in paying for the privilege of understanding, you’re going to be hot on it with your optometry appointments.

For more people, their eyesight starts to flag a little when they start to age. Years of staring at computer screens are often blamed, but it’s not always the case.

Deteriorating eyesight isn’t always a natural thing to happen. While it’s common for most people, you need to realise that there is a lot that can be done to prevent them from deteriorating.

It’s quite straightforward to take care of your eyesight, and you can do it by:

  • Regular appointments with the right medical professional. You can get your eyes checked every three to six months to ensure that they are in tip-top shape.
  • Staying on top of your Oakley glasses to make sure that your prescription remains current. You will notice if your glasses stop working for you as your sight will feel blurry, and your headaches will return if you suffered them before. An eye check doesn’t just look at your eyes for sight reasons, either, but for general health, too.
  • If you notice that you are struggling to read or write, you will need to get some help. You shouldn’t strain your eyes just to get some work done. You only get one pair of eyes to look after, and if you’re not careful, they could decline fast!

When you look after your eyes, you will be able to enjoy the far better sight with much better prospects for the future as a result. The good thing? There is always help for those who need it with lenses and glasses of all types.

Your Hearing

We need our ears as much as we use our eyes. Our ears help us to pick up things without even trying, and one of the biggest causes of hearing loss is exposure to loud noises.

Every time you work in a factory or you rev a motorcycle, head to a concert or go dancing in a club with an excellent beat; you’re exposing your ears to some danger. You need to have control over the way you treat your ears, and it’s up to you to maintain them.

You don’t have to wait around to start looking after your hearing, either. If you know that you’re going to be in a noisy situation, investing in ear defenders is the best thing that you can do. You will then have better control over your hearing and can protect it the best way that you know how.

Some of the best ways that you can look after your hearing include the following:

  • Try not to stay in noisy places for too long if you know you’re going to be in one. You should always be in a position of comfort concerning your hearing.
  • Your workplace has an obligation to you, so if you think the noise is damaging your hearing, you need to let them know. They’ll put the right measures in place for you.
  • Ear defenders and other earphones are going to keep your ears muffled to the noise around you. It’ll help you to protect your hearing for longer, that’s for sure.

If you notice a decline in your hearing, you need to speak to an audiologist. You may need a hearing aid, and you may need some advice about how to take care of your ears properly. The right expert will be able to assess your condition and ensure that you are hearing as best you can under the circumstances you are in.

Prevention is always better than a cure, though, so make sure that you are keeping an eye on your hearing long before it could become a problem.

We tend to take our senses for granted, we don't think about them until there's a problem. Here's how and why to take care of your senses before it's too late. #takecareofyoursenses #selfcare #healthandwellnessYour Sense of Smell

Well, not your smell, but your sense of it.  Your nose breathes in all the bacteria, dirt and dust in the air as well as oxygen. When you have a cold, you lose your sense of smell because your ears, nose and throat are all connected. When that goes, your taste follows and sometimes, your ears block up.

After a cold has cleared, you should be able to smell the world around you once again, and if it doesn’t turn up, a trip to the doctor may be in order.

Losing your sense of smell is known as anosmia. It doesn’t last very long, but it does mean that you are going to struggle. With a loss of your sense of smell, you cannot smell any gas leaks or burnt food.

It’s also harder to get a sense of what’s going on. You can look after your sense of smell when you see a doctor and get an accurate idea of what’s causing the loss.

Your Sense of Taste

Do you think much about your taste buds and how you look after them? It’s not often people think about them, except in the times they cannot taste a thing.

Whether that’s because you have a cold or because you’ve burnt your tongue on something delicious, losing your taste buds is no fun at all. You will notice when your taste buds stop working, as your favourite food won’t taste so great.

The problem is that if you don’t look after your taste buds, you could lose them for good.

The doctor should be able to fix it for you, and you will soon get back your full food appreciation without too much delay.

Your Sense of Touch

Of course, there is the added sense of touch, but you know how to look after your hands. These four senses need your utmost attention and care so that you can keep them all intact.

You don’t want to spend time wishing you’d looked after your hearing before losing it entirely. Your sight matters and your sense of taste and smell matter, too. It’s sensible to watch your health.

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What are you doing to take care of your senses?

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