6 Essential Survival Tips for Successful Mompreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur is incredibly rewarding, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. Without commitment, dedication, blood, sweat, and tears, you won’t achieve your goals. It’s just like being a parent in that respect.

Motherhood is a full-time job and so is entrepreneurship, making mompreneurship an arduous endeavour. Balancing both responsibilities is difficult, but definitely can be done.

With that in mind, here are six essential survival tips for successful mompreneurs.

Mommying plus entrepreneurship is no mean feat. It's a balancing act of note. Need some survival tips? Try these. #survivaltipsforsuccessfulmompreneurs #mompreneurship #entrepreneurship #worklifebalance1. Prepare a Work Area

Leaving work stress at the office is challenging, especially when working from home. For this reason, you must carve out space to create a work area. Whether you have an entire room or a small section of one, having this dedicated space will help to build mental boundaries.

Building physical boundaries is also helpful, as this will shelter you from any distractions about the house.

2. Stick To A Schedule

A heavy workload is to be expected, for mothers and business owners alike. Between mom duties and entrepreneurial tasks, there will be little time to play with. This is why you must make sure that you stick to a schedule.

Although this schedule will have to change from time to time, having a plan for your days will provide structure and guidance, keeping you from wasting hours.

3. Work With Your Team

No entrepreneur can get it done without a team, especially when they also have children to take care of. With great talent behind you, being a brilliant mom and business owner is much easier.

As well as hiring staff, you should look into outsourcing work, like IT Solutions. This ensures that the work is done well, which takes any pressure off yourself and the team, preventing mistakes.

6 Essential Survival Tips for Successful Mompreneurs |

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4. Look Into Childcare Options

Working at home doesn’t mean you can look after your children. With a heavy workload on your plate, you might not have time to play with your kids or prepare their meals during work hours.

If this is the case, you should look into childcare options. A nanny or babysitter could easily watch your children until you’re finished working. Scheduling work around nap times would help too.

5. Eliminate Any Time Wasters

Distraction is the enemy of productivity. To complete your work each day, you must avoid anything that takes your mind off it. This could include work-related distractions, like company emails, or household responsibilities, like laundry.

Try to tackle any household chores before you begin work each morning and automate the email responses, so you can keep your focus.

6. Make Time For Yourself

Although you should stay focused while working, you have to allow yourself breaks now and then.

Unless you make time for yourself, you’ll soon burn out, resulting in exhaustion and illness.

If you don’t enjoy wasting time, then find productive ways to spend your breaks. For example, you could exercise while watching television or read a business book, rather than a romance.

Entrepreneurship and motherhood are difficult responsibilities, especially when you combine them. Hopefully, with the advice above, you can survive mompreneurship and be successful.

How are you surviving as a Mompreneur?  Do you have any hot tips to share that we didn’t discuss in this post?  My lifesaver has been sharing childminding responsibilities with close friends. When the kids are happily playing both Moms can get work done. It takes a village.

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