10 Reasons Not To Wait To Start Your Side Hustle

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Are you sitting on a good idea? Most people are. They have an idea that will carry them into the future financially, but no way to do anything about it. If you are one of those people who are just waiting for the right opportunity to start their own side hustle and jump into the world of working for yourself, then you need to read this article.

How long have you been waiting to start your own thing? Probably quite a while.

The thing is, there is no right time to start your own business, so why are you waiting to quit your job? You could start your own side business right now without quitting, which will keep your income rolling in and keep your bills paid.

Sure, no one likes to spend a gruelling eight hour shift in the office and then come home to more work, but do you really want to spend time wishing you’d got going?

In business, there are always days that will feel long and hard and so you may as well double up and start now when the early days are the hardest. The more spare time you give your business idea, the bigger it will grow.

Eventually, you’ll have just your business to work on and you can confidently tell your boss that you’re done working for them!

Are you put off with the idea of burning the business candle at both ends?  Don’t be, here are ten reasons why you shouldn’t worry.Don't Wait - Start Your Side Hustel

1. You Reduce Risks

When you keep your job and build a business at the same time, you have a guaranteed income to rely on. You don’t jump into the unknown with your eyes closed and ignorant to the things that could go wrong.

You know your business doesn’t have an income yet, so you’re biding your time and not quitting your permanent job in favour of setting up your business and taking your time. There’s no pressure, which makes this new business a pleasure to be involved in!

2. Setting Up Gives You More Time

When you set up a business as a side hustle, you take your time. You don’t rush the meetings with the web design agency and you can hone every single piece of your business so that it’s perfect when you launch. You can work on your project and take your time with your vision when you work on it every evening rather than do it in a pressurized environment.

3. You Gain Independence

One thing that you will have that most other business owners want is independence. You are keeping the cash moving through your bank from your existing job, which gives you the chance to set everything up without huge business loans.

Sure, you may still borrow a small amount of money to get your website started, but you can almost fund it yourself. That level of independence cannot be bought, and it allows you to appreciate the time you spend feeling exhausted.

4. You Show Commitment

If you do decide to approach anyone to network, they’re going to see your commitment to your business and they will be able to see that you are passionate about your vision. Balancing two jobs is not easy, but working those two jobs will really show your commitment and prove to yourself that with effort, you can do this!

10 Reasons Not To Wait To Start Your Side Hustle

5. You Keep Your Friends

Building a business is a lonely thing when you quit your job to focus on your side hustle, you have no one to bounce off of or interact with all day.

This way, you can keep your friends and keep your sanity, knowing you can go to your day job and enjoy the company of those who share your office while you work on building your own brand.

It’s going to keep you motivated to be the best that you possibly can be, and it’s going to mean that you have time to take a breather. Your business is going to feel all-consuming, even part-time. With friends around, you can take the pressure off of yourself and find things much easier to manage.

6. Building Contacts

Your business may not have anything to do with what you do for a living, but it’s a good idea to start using your existing work contacts effectively.

You could find a mentor and get to know whether your colleagues and coworkers think that this big adventure of yours is going to be a good idea.

Often, your first customers come from the people you already know. You may also be able to use your current business to learn how to run your side hustle, which offers you something amazing all round.

7. New Skills

Your existing job is going to teach you so much about how to run your business, and you can hone your skills in your salaried role. You may still outsource your web design to the right agency, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn about good customer care and marketing. You can learn how social media can work for your business and hone your skills this way.

8. Time Management

Opening your side hustle alongside your current job is going to offer you the chance to learn how to manage your time.

You can implement your skills at work in a real environment, and then you can come home and practice those same skills.

You can switch between being an employee who is taking direction, to being a business owner excited for their own venture to gain traction.

9. Creativity 

You have to really think outside the box with your creativity when you are working two jobs. Both your time and your money are incredibly important, and you need to get creative about how you can maximise both. Working two jobs pushes you to think bigger and better, and you can achieve with your business and your job if you are smart.

10. The Power of Positivity

Your safety net allows you to think positively about your new business and you should be as positive as possible for it to be a success!

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