Small Businesses are Failing in these Areas

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Being a small business is hard enough as it is, but we feel like some of you will be making life harder for yourself than you realise. There are some big areas that small businesses seem to be failing, and actioning them and finding solutions to problems that you might not realise you have is so important.

But we know that it can be hard to realise what areas you’re failing in, especially if business seems to be going well.

Although business might seem to be going well, it might be that there is so much more that you could be doing with your business development, which would then lead to more growth and more money for your business.

So, if you keep on reading, we’ll highlight some of the areas that we think small businesses are failing in, and how you can make sure that you excel in the areas, rather than struggling.

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Employment is something that a lot of you will just not have had any experience in until it came to running your own business, and even now it might be that you’ve not hired your first employee yet. But a small business usually drops the ball on so many areas when employing their first members of staff, and one of the biggest ways they do so is with HR.

HR is not just an option for your employees as a solution to problems, it’s everything you have to do to keep them employed by you. From running payroll to checking their hours, HR is everything.

So why not look into cloud hr to see if this will benefit you. If you’re finding it hard to be that HR support system that your business and your employees need, then this might be the perfect solution for you. The worst thing you can do is rely on yourself to do so when you have so much going on.


Marketing is another area some small businesses seem to focus on. They either invest too much money into it without getting anything back, or they invest too little into it without getting anything back. So you have to make sure you work with the right company to create the right campaign for you.

But most importantly, you need to take the time to understand the techniques they’re going to try and get you to use. The more you understand about marketing, the more of an input you can have on the campaigns that you run to better your business success;


Communication is another key one that you’ll most likely be failing in. Small businesses are notorious for being bad at communication, both with customers trying to get in touch with them and with the way that they’re spoken to.

So the main thing you need to do is set up a more direct line of communication, like a chat service. And from early on you need to adopt the mantra that the customer is always right, and keep every conversation as happy and polite as you possibly can do. There’s nothing worse than building up a bad reputation early on.

Are you dropping the ball in any of these areas of your business?

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