Staying Relevant as a Small Business (with Infographic)

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Small Business Tips

One of the toughest challenges of running a small business is managing to stay relevant. As a company with limited resources and few staff members, you need to make efficient use of what you have in order to make an impact and stay in the eyes of consumers.

In this post, we’re going to cover a few concepts that will help you stay relevant even as a relatively new business.

What are you doing to stay relevant as a small business in 2020? Here are some small business tips as well as an infographic on sustainable product design contributed by the University of California Riverside. #smallbusinesstips #infographic #sustainableproducts #sustainableproductdesignUse Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media can be incredibly powerful when used to build an audience and engage with your customers. Pick platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for more exposure, or Instagram for a more visually-focused social media approach.

Keep Your Tech Upgraded

Technology upgrades are often helpful at making your business more efficient. Take advantage of them when possible to help your business run smoothly. As a small business, cloud software is a great option to help your company operate quickly, efficiently and with a lower budget.

Understand Customer Needs

Your customers will have different needs as the years go by. Make sure you’re keeping in touch with them so you can understand what their needs are. This could be new payment methods, new types of products or even more customer support options.

Focus on Current Problems in the World

A great example of this is making your business more sustainable. Whether it’s through sustainable product design (as explained below in the infographic) or using eco-friendly materials and solutions, becoming a green company can attract a wider audience which leads to more relevance.

Staying Relevant as a Small Business (with Infographic) | Sustainable Product Design Ar2 new
Infographic: University of California Riverside

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