How Safe Is Your Business?

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Small Business Safety Policies

Oh my goodness, this post is such an eye-opener!   I hadn’t thought of ANY of these safety issues and fortunately, at this point, I only have to focus on website security.  Clearly, it’s time for me to put some safety policies in place.

How Safe is Your Business really?   This post is an eye opener. #HowSafeisYourBusiness #SmallBusinessSafetyPoliciesHow Safe is Your Business?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out with a blog, or you have a multi-million dollar corporation. Each of us is vulnerable in so many ways. Businesses that fail to acknowledge and act upon today’s risks and threats will not survive for very long. These threats come from several different sources.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your business, no matter what you’re trying to keep it safe from:

Online Trolling And Bad Press

A bad reputation can cost you profits in the short term. Damage control might get you back to performing well, but bad press rarely goes away forever.

What you need to do is make sure there is nothing for people to complain about.

  • Products and services should be high quality.
  • Advertising and promotions should be fair and not spammy.
  • And customer services should be quick, friendly, accessible, engaging and able to solve problems easily.
  • Use online operatives to address Tweets and posts of complaints quickly.

Disgruntled Employees

While the vast majority would never dream of stealing from the boss or hacking into systems, it can, unfortunately, happen.

  • Make sure access is restricted from day one.
  • Use unique passwords or card scanners for door entry and computer logins.
  • As soon as there is a problem shut down the access.

If an employee steals and uses customer data, that is on you as the owner of the company for giving them the tools to do the job. You can see the benefits of VoIP and network security options at websites like Everything can be closely monitored so you can easily see signs of potential trouble.

Raiders And Attackers

If you run a storefront like a retail unit, you need to make sure everyone working for you is protected from raiders.

  • A security guard can help here, but you need to install CCTV as well.
  • Train your staff to protect themselves.
  • Make their actions procedures.
  • Alarm systems and quick contacts with law enforcement can help you feel safer too.
  • As for the stock? Locked and secured safes, vaults and cages can help minimize the risk of theft.
  • Radio security tags can also help deter petty criminals.

Website Security

Your website is one of the most important assets that your business has. It’s the place where customers, clients and suppliers can get to know you. They might contact you through the website. Perhaps they’re even placing orders? This means that they are handing over personal details.

Your website must be secure. Ensure you’re using Https security certificates. This might also help your website to rank better in search engines. Make sure you have a detailed trail of where customer or visitor data is stored.

Key Personnel

As your business grows, you can become more and more reliant on key personnel within your business. So what happens if they hand in their notice or need to take time off? This dependency can threaten your company.

Have you considered what would happen if you needed to step away from the company for a period of time? Make sure there are procedures and backups in place so that your business can trade without you.

How do you keep your business safe?  How secure is your business, inside and out?

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Mom Entrepreneurs, has your business reached the point where you have to put security measures and policies in place yet? How safe is YOUR business?


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