These Signs Could Indicate An Unhealthy Business

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Small Business Health Check

Are you so busy running your small business that you neglect to check in on every now and again on the health of your business? 

Thanks to this exceptional contributed post, I just discovered the 3 Essential Health Checks I need to be doing.  

  1. Unhealthy Signs in my Staff 
  2. Signs my Corporate Culture may be Unhealthy
  3. Signs I’m Unhealthy

I consider this a very necessary audit to conduct at least once a year. Particularly appreciate the valuable solutions provided below.

These Signs Could Indicate An Unhealthy Business

As so much of our time is spent at work, whether we own the business or not, it’s absolutely imperative that we focus on creating a healthy business for everybody to work in. With a happy and healthy business, you make sure your staff stay happy and healthy, and you produce a better quality of work.

Are you worried that your business could be unhealthy? Perhaps you simply want to safeguard it from unhealthy practices in the future?

Whatever your business is doing right now, take a look at these signs. They indicate an unhealthy business:

Unhealthy Signs In Your Staff

They Have Many Sick Days

If your staff members are having many days off due to ‘sickness’ you need to consider this carefully. Either they really are sick, which is a bad sign, or they are just saying they’re sick, which is also a bad sign. Businesses who treat their staff right and provide a healthy place for them to work have much lower sick rates.

You must consider the health of your employees an important asset to your business. It’ll help you financially in multiple ways. Do your best to reduce workplace stress, and consider speaking with a healthcare provider to assess health risk factors and implement formal processes that can help.

They Are Stressed

Are you so busy running your small business that you neglect to check in on every now and again on the health of your business? Here are some excellent tips for you. | SmallBusinessHealthCheck |It’s normal to be a little stressed from time to time, but if your staff are constantly stressed, this is extremely unhealthy. This will have an overall negative impact on your employee health, and can cost you thousands over the course of a few years.

Make sure you monitor your employee workload and how they are feeling. You want to make sure your staff are able to cope with the strains and stresses of their jobs. Having a formal health and well being process in place should help to reduce feelings of stress amongst your team.

They Don’t Take Care For Themselves

Employees that don’t take care of themselves run the risk of becoming more unhealthy in the long run, plus, they won’t feel as productive or as happy as those who do take care of themselves.

Encourage them to get a little activity in the day, such as taking a brief walk, or even cycling to work if possible. Offering incentives for this will help to protect the planet (a great PR move) as well as protect the health of your employees.

Studies have shown that businesses who had ‘fit and sporty’ staff spent much less on business costs over the course of 5 years. You could even provide staff members with free gym memberships.

Encouraging your employees to look after their health like this and take breaks from their desk will encourage a boost in energy, better physical performance, and far more productivity. They’ll be happier too thanks to the increase in endorphins.

It isn’t just your staff members and their health that can affect your business. Your company culture plays a huge role too.

Signs Your Company Culture Is Unhealthy

There are many signs your company culture could be unhealthy. Taking the time to develop a great company culture, one that people actually want to work for, could make a massive difference in the success of your business.

You Have Favorites

You may have more of a bond with certain employees, but you need to provide the same level of support, coaching, mentoring, and encouragement for all. If you don’t, this can foster resentment in the workplace.

You Bend The Rules

If you bend the rules often for high maintenance employees, other team members may get frustrated, especially if they see themselves as more hardworking and productive.

Your Staff Are Scared Of Risks

Innovation is what business is all about in this day and age. If your employees are scared to take risks and share innovative ideas with you, it’s a sign that you haven’t taken the right approach.

You Only Get Positive Feedback

Getting positive feedback from employees is great, but if that’s all you get, it may be because they don’t feel comfortable sharing their true feelings. Perhaps you are doing things that make them feel negative comments are unwelcome. Constructive criticism is so important for improving a business!

You Have Talented Staff Members Performing At Less Than Their Best

If you have amazing employees who only seem to be getting average sales, or putting out a low level of productivity, it could be that they are not getting what they should be from you.

You Regularly Get Customer Complaints

If you are getting lots of complaints, this could be down to how they are getting treated by your front of line staff. An absence of a caring culture could be leaving your customers unhappy.

Signs You’re Unhealthy

Alternatively, it could be the fact you’re unhealthy that are making your business flounder.

An Unhealthy Work/Life Balance

If you have an unhealthy work/life balance, all aspects of your life will suffer. Finding the right balance can be seriously tough, but it’s so worth it.

You’ve Lost Sight Of What’s Important

Maybe you’ve lost sight of what’s really important in business. Why did you start this business? Are you cutting too many corners/trying to save cash when you should be focused on something else? Getting the cash to help with your endeavours is simple with places like, but you need to refocus on what truly matters first. Remember why you started!

You’re Overbooked

If you always find yourself saying that you’re overbooked, this could be another sign you’re taking on too much, or simply not organizing the time you have properly. Maybe you work around the clock, and you have no social life.

You’re Out Of Shape

No time or energy for exercise? Eating fast food all of the time? This is a bad sign.

Your Space Is A Mess

A messy space can simply be the sign of a messy person, but if you used to be organized, this is another sign.

So, do these signs indicate an unhealthy business for you? Leave your thoughts below.

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