5 Clever Ways To Showcase Your Family Photos

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In these modern times, not many people still create photo albums, especially with so many clever ways to showcase your family photos nowadays. Just about everything has gone digital and there are novel creative ways that you can use to showcase your precious family memories.

Thanks to the digital, high-tech environment we live in, we can immediately capture precious moments with a mere click on our cell phones.

But what to do with it afterwards? Instead of scrambling to upload it to your PC hard drive where it will probably end up sitting for months or even years, why not give the following ideas a try?

Rather than  allowing your photos to languish somewhere in your photo library, turn them into art pieces that can be enjoyed and admired by all.

5 Clever Ways to Showcase Your Family Photos


1. Turn Your Family Photos into Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles remain a popular family activity that is suitable for all ages. The latest trends include creating custom online jigsaw puzzles from your photos – that you can play in the comfort of your home and send to your friends and family.

JSPuzzles lets you turn any photo into a jigsaw puzzle. A fun way to turn your family photos into lasting memories is by turning them into jigsaw puzzles. Every time you build a jigsaw puzzle, you can relive those precious times.

2. Digitize Old Family Photos

I bet you have stacks of old family photographs sitting in a box in the attic somewhere. An excellent way to ensure they don’t get damaged or lost forever is to digitize them.

If your smart phone takes high-quality images, you can use an app to scan and digitize them. Every photo can be uploaded to Google Photos which makes them easy to print or share.

You can make a collage of precious old photos, turn them into a digital jigsaw puzzle (as mentioned above) or try any of the ideas below and share them with family members to commemorate their younger days. You can also invest in a scanner to manually scan your photos and digitize them.

3. Create a Personalized Calendar

The perfect anniversary gift for your parents or other family members is by creating a personalized calendar or custom photo book. This type of gift will let them know that you’ve put a lot of thought into giving them something that is personal and endearing.

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4. Print Them on Items as Gifts

Another great way to use family photos is by printing them on items like coffee mugs, cushion covers, wall art, blankets, bags or even shower curtains.

Personalized mugs with a photo of your children makes excellent gifts for grandparents. One of the easiest ways to do this is through print-on-demand platforms like Redbubble, Printify or Society6.

5. Framed Photo Collage

This idea is especially useful for showcasing travel photos. Take a collection of small photos and arrange them in an eye-catching large frame to hang against a wall for everyone to see. It could be a focal point in your living room or study.


We hope you have found this post detailing 5 clever ways to showcase your family photos inspirational and that you will consider using some of them.

There are so many ways to display and enjoy those precious family moments. Don’t let them fade away in a cupboard or on your PC.

Showcase or display them in clever ways to relive those happy moments every time you look at them.


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