Relying On Yourself When Running A Business

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Many of us understand the enormity of the task at hand when running a business, or even deigning to open one in the first place.

We often see businesses that fail and think they are down in part to the personality flaws of the person who dared to open the enterprise with such temerity in the first place, but that’s not the case.

When you think about it, even the most well-intentioned person can gain a string of bad luck, particularly in the cut-throat corporate world.

Of course, we would do anything to avoid that fate. When we open a business we do not think of it as a first operation for us to get some experience, offsetting the potential outcome of failure.

No, we think of it as something that we need to get right. As such, we look at ourselves, and think that we are the most responsible person in this situation, and so should act perfectly accordingly. Perfectly might be a stretch to reach for, but the goal is noble nonetheless.

In our article, we hope to give you some humbling, rational advice to this end.

Who do you rely on to run your business? Are you still running yourself ragged trying to do it all yourself? Or do you have a team in place? #relyingonyourselftorunabusiness #entrepreneurship #businessleadership Get The Help You May Need

You may not think that the first heading in a post dedicated to self-reliance and personal responsibility in business is to ‘get help’. That seems like the opposite of what we have proposed thus far. But since when was selecting a team to help you a weakness?

Since when was collaboration, careful teamwork and the ability to cover your blind spots a failure? We do not have one-person battalions in the military, because they would be extremely ineffective. So why put everything on your own shoulders?

With enabled services such as the best IT support, outsourced security and business consultants, you get the help you may need – and also defeat one enemy of self-reliance: pride.

Keep A Regimen

When running your own business, it can seem extremely easy to do things ‘your way.’

You may wish to turn up to the office at 3 pm in your pyjamas with a bowl of cereal in hand, but there are many problems with this. Of course, it sets a bad example to those who you expect to be more disciplined and stringent. Additionally, it can stop you from working in an effective capacity.

  • Keep a regimen.
  • Dress more formally than everyone in your office, even if it’s a smart casual dress code.
  • Get in the office forty-five minutes early each day.
  • Structure your day effectively, potentially hiring a personal assistant if needed.

It’s the little things that help, and in this context, you’re sure to understand that.

Share The Credit, Accept The Failure

The true mark of nobility in all leaders is that they share the credit of success with their team while taking on most of the responsibility for the failures, if not all.

This inspires morale, helps you keep yourself focused on what’s important, and also allows you to celebrate the good times.

This can help you hire better and more diverse talent that wishes to work for you, and makes for a great office environment. It’s a healthy means of leadership because it blames nothing on those under you.

With this advice, you’re sure to be a great leader.

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Are you relying on yourself to run your business? Or are you leading a team?

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