How to – SMS Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Success

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How to – SMS Marketing

Each SMS marketing approach is different. Some businesses fully incorporate text messaging as part of their business strategy while others only view it as a second thought.  If you think of how many individuals are using their mobile phones to shop online, it’s easy to see why companies who incorporate SMS into their marketing strategy have the edge over their competitors.

Have a look at these suggestions related to how to incorporate text messaging into your marketing campaigns.

Looking to promote your brand using SMS Marketing? Here are our top tips. #HowtoSMSMarketing #DigitalMarketing #MarketingStrategyEstablish an SMS Marketing Squad

You will need several skilled professionals to be monitoring your SMS marketing campaigns.

For instance, you will require the services of:

  • An SMS marketing program expert
  • Coordinators for on-location signage
  • Creative digital designers
  • Retail expert
  • Social media professional
  • Promotions expert
  • Discount budget and ROI analyst

It is vital that these areas are monitored, especially since the timing of SMS is becoming more instantaneous, a marketing team must be working together closely and communicate regularly about the strategies and execution.

Know Your Customers

Through analysing the location-based demographics and purchase history of customers you can ensure the right SMS are going to the right targeted customers.

Ensure that clients are segmented for targeted promotions.

Bulk SMSes can be sent for general promotions that anyone can benefit from.

Write Clear SMSes

You have limited character space to get the message across with your mobile engagement.

Create your message in as few words as possible. Draft your message to be concise and clear.

Avoid the use of emoticons, caps and abbreviations.

Steer clear from open-ended SMSes, for instance, inviting customers to a sale but fail to mention when the sale ends.

Customers are more likely to respond when they’ve received adequate information and incentive.

Use Call-to-Action Buttons

These buttons advance customer engagement which is precisely what you are aiming at.

Here’s an excellent example of a call-to-action button:

Click here instruction

Sometimes there is not adequate space in the text message to add all the information that the customer may require.

Say you are hosting an event but there’s not enough space to include a link to the video of the event or a map to the location.

In such a case, you can add a “Click here” instruction that provides customers with a link to the required details.

Timing is Essential

SMS messaging is all about imminence. It can take a person approximately three minutes to open a text.

Clients’ reactions to events, promotions and sales which are promoted via SMS are most effective when it is done through last-minute instincts.

If you offer a dinner promotion at your eatery, send it at the end of a workday as opposed to in the morning.

Endorse Opt-in Throughout All Media

The best method of getting customers to opt-in is to give them an opportunity to do so at every point of contact:

  • Social media – Adding a cell phone number to your Facebook page as well as a sign-up and opt-out button enabling them to sign on to your SMS campaign.
  • Website – Making your SMS opt-in an obvious feature on the site.
  • Newsletter – adding your SMS opt-in to the newsletter.
  • Mail – Sending promotional mail or coupons via the post with instructions for SMS opt-in on it.
  • SMS – Sending a text asking them to opt-in.

Are you using SMS Marketing as part of your strategy? 

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