4 Best Tips on How To Re-Enter The Workforce After a Hiatus

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This post covers four practical tips on how to re-enter the workforce after a hiatus. A 2022 research indicated that 62% of workers worldwide have taken a hiatus from work. Indeed, you may take a career break to look after your family or cater to a sick relative. Perhaps, you needed more time to grow your entrepreneurial dream. Regardless of the reason, returning to work can be daunting, especially after a long time off. You may experience new work practices that may throw you off-guard. Fortunately, rejoining the workforce shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience. You can experience a smooth transition with the right strategies, including the following.

4 Best Tips on How To Re-Enter The Workforce After a Hiatus

re-enter the workforce1. Take Your Time 

Admittedly, you may be excited to return to work after a long hiatus. However, rushing can cause you to accept jobs that aren’t a great fit, ultimately leading to motivation loss and burnout. Therefore, experts recommend taking your time before starting a job.

Avoid being influenced by external factors, as this can put undue pressure on you. Instead, reflect on why you took a career break to help you make an informed decision.

For instance, you may prefer a more flexible job if you have a chronic illness or need to care for your kids. Taking your time can also help you decide whether to continue your career or switch to a different path, so keep this in mind.

2. Improve Your Skills

It’s not unusual for your skills to become obsolete after a long time away from the corporate world. Therefore, consider updating them before seeking employment.

This way, you can set yourself apart from other candidates while informing potential employers that you’re equal to the task. Moreover, you can integrate into your new workplace without feeling lost or inadequate. Admittedly, listing your skills on your resume is easier, although this may not captivate your potential employer. However, getting certified can give you a competitive edge, making you a more valuable candidate.

3. Update Your Resume 

It’s important to update your resume before applying for a job. However, knowing how to do this after a break is essential. As a tip, be honest about your break by listing it in your work experience section. Alternatively, highlighting the positive aspect of your hiatus can be beneficial, so feel free to consider this. You can include whatever skills you acquired during this period. Likewise, rearrange your resume to ensure your skills and work experiences are visible to potential employers.

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4. Choose The Right Job

Searching for a job after a career break may seem daunting, especially when explaining the situation to potential employers. However, you can land your dream job can be achievable with the right steps. It’s worth noting that job postings and hiring take place on social media. Therefore, ensure you leverage the right platform.

For instance, you can follow companies in your preferred industry on Twitter to receive new job alerts. Likewise, you can connect with various professionals on LinkedIn, so keep this in mind. While at it, ensure that your desired job aligns with your values, skills, and interests. Fortunately, the Strong Interest Inventory Test can help you make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

We hope our guidelines on how to re-enter the workforce after taking a hiatus has been helpful and that you will implement them when you’re ready to return to work.


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