3 Great Tips For Advancing In Your Career

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Whether you have recently started at a company or have been there a while if you are looking to progress you might be wondering just how to do this. Advancing in your career is important for many reasons. It could be that you are looking to advance to a certain role, or it might be that you are wanting a pay rise.

No matter the reasons why you want to advance, there are a few steps you need in order to get there. From checking out the recent news to finding out things you can speak about with your boss, to put yourself forward for additional training, we have put together some top tips for advancing in your career. Follow these and soon you will be on track for the position you want.

3 Great Tips For Advancing In Your Career

advancing in your career1. Make Connections Within Your Company

When it comes to advancing in your career, one of the most important things you can do is to make connections in your company. Giving a promotion to an employee is about so much more than just their work performance.

Your manager or boss will look at you as a whole and how you fit into the company. If you are going to be promoted to a supervisor or manager, for example, they need to know you’re comfortable speaking with and liaising with others in the team.

2. Speak To Your Boss and Find Out What You Need To Do To Progress

If you aren’t sure what you need to do in order to reach the next level in your job, fix an appointment with your boss to see what you have to achieve. It could be that specific criteria needs to be met, such as you need to have been doing your job for a certain amount of time.

You might need to have made a number of sales or you have to have a certain training qualification. Once you find out what it is, put a plan together on how you can achieve it in order to get promoted.

3. Put Yourself Forward For Additional Training and Courses

There is nothing like looking engaged and interested in your role that will catch the eye of your employers. To advance your career, it’s a great idea to put yourself forward for additional training and courses. Not only does this enhance your knowledge for this specific role, but can also be useful as you will learn skills that can be applied in the future. You could do your own research and find training days that are relevant to you, pitching these to your boss. They will appreciate your work ethic!

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Final Thoughts

These are just a few tips for advancing in your career that you can incorporate. Getting the job you want is always a real win and these are some simple things you can do in order to get there. Have you recently achieved a new position in your job? If so, what are some top tips you followed in order to get there? Let us know in the comments below!


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