Moms in Construction, It’s Very Much Happening

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Moms in Construction

It’s been said that “Whatever men can do, women can do better”.  Well, I don’t know about that and I’m also not sure that women want to do everything men do. 

What I do know is that Moms are capable of tackling just about anything, if it means they will be able to support their families and take care of their children.  Moms are willing and able to do whatever it takes to put food on the table. And Moms display an almost superhuman strength and resilience when the going gets tough. 

So I’m not surprised to see Moms entering jobs traditionally chosen by men. My guess is this move is born more out of necessity than pure passion. Women have had to enter the workforce this Century and they will go where jobs abound. 

That’s just my take on the fascinating subject tackled in the contributed post below.  Don’t miss the inspirational story of Wendy Beaver.

Moms in Construction, It’s Very Much Happening

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Imagine spending all day working with a bunch of big kids (men) before going home and spending the rest of the evening with your little ones. Well, that’s what is happening for the ever-increasing number of moms who are working in the field of construction.

And, not only is this ever-increasing number of Moms working in the field of construction, but they are finding success in it, too, despite it generally being a male-dominated field of work.

To see just how moms are fairing in construction, make sure to read on.

The facts aren’t lying, Moms are constructing careers in construction

Yes, of course, construction is still a field that is for the most part dominated by male workers, but it is not dominated by them fully.

No, it is now said that 14% of all workers in construction are women, and even more impressive still is the fact that 37% of the latest entrants into the field are said to be female.

But not all females are Moms, yes, we know.

But just look at this article about a woman called Wendy Beaver. Despite the catcalls and the ridicule experienced on building sites, Wendy, a Mom of a ten-year-old girl, has made it all the way to Project Manager for Donahue Favret Contractors.

And the field of construction is benefiting as a result

Moms possess a certain set of skills that other, regular people seldom possess.

For instance, they possess the skills needed to manage people and to get them to do exactly what they want, when they want because they practice them at home, every single day. Whether it’s the nightly rendition of do your teeth or get to bed, moms are constantly working on their ability to get straight to the point and in turn to get people to do what they want, and the field of construction is benefiting because all of those burly and strong men are now being put in their place as a result.

Also, new forms of designing and building are being embraced thanks to the women’s built-in knowledge of how designing works and how best it can be done, meaning technology such as PCB design software is now more likely to be embraced.

Plus, building sites look far less intimidating when they not all-male dominated, and that is only ever a good thing.

And, of course, moms and women, in general, are benefiting too

Both in a personal sense and in a collective sense, Moms and Womanhood in general are benefiting from them entering the construction industry and breaking down the barriers to get there.

One such way is the fact that, of course, more jobs are being made available to women who don’t want to sit in an office all day or be a beauty queen.

Another way is the fact that more people are now getting to learn more things and more horizons are being broadened thanks to the new skills that are being learned.

To see how other industries and workplaces are being bettered by the empowerment of women and moms, make sure to head here.

Have you ever considered going into Construction?  Or are you currently working in construction?  What made you choose this profession?  Are you doing it for your kids or do you get a lot of personal job satisfaction?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

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