Tips On Making A Successful Career Change

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The Word “Change” can either strike the fear of God into you or make you tingle with excitement. 

Career Change is no different.  

If you’re considering a career change, I would imagine you’re feeling a large dose of fear coupled with some excitement. 

The tips in this contributed post will hopefully help reduce some of that fear and increase your excitement.

Tips On Making A Successful Career Change

So you have decided that you are ready for a change in career?

There are a number of different reasons why people want to change their career.

  • For some people, they feel like they have a lack of opportunity in their current job role.
  • For others, they never really knew what they wanted to do to begin with, and now it has finally dawned on them.

You, no doubt, have your own reasons for wanting a career change.

No matter what these reasons are, read on to discover some useful tips on how to ensure you change careers successfully.

Don’t think you only have one chance to change your career

A lot of people place far too much pressure on themselves because they see this as their one shot to change their career, and so they feel that they need to get everything perfect.

Don’t get bogged down in this. You can always change your mind!

Map out the steps you need to take

Depending on the career you want to transition into and the career you have at the moment, the journey may be long or it may be easy.

You may already have all of the skills you need, so you can transfer these into your new job.

If you do not, you will need to acquire the necessary qualifications.

Nowadays, you can do anything from a Master of Public Safety to an Accountancy BA Degree online, so it is a good idea to look into this. You could always do your studies alongside your current job so that you do not lose out financially.

Network with people in your chosen sector

The next tip for anyone looking to make a career change is to network with people that are in your selected sector.

This is the best way to understand a sector’s internal culture and the way that people are treated, including throughout the process of recruitment. By talking to those currently in the industry, you will get an understanding of what to expect.

Keep your CV relevant

As you have already had a career, it is likely that you have lots of different things that you can put on your CV.

However, you need to make sure that your CV does not become too long. Only keep the relevant factors in your CV.

Take time to figure out how your existing experiences and skills can be transferred to your new job so that everything is relevant. Do not include information for the sake of it.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for changing your career. There is no denying that this can be an exciting yet stressful period for anyone. However, if you have a careful and considered approach, and you follow the advice that has been provided, you can give yourself the best chance of your new career being a success.

Feeling more ready to make that change?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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