Is it Possible to Get a Loan Pa Dagen or On the Day?

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Is it Possible to Get a Loan Pa Dagen or On the Day?

There is nothing like waking up with a renewed or new zest for life, a drive, and willingness that seems to beam from you like rays of sunshine out the back of the clouds, and today is that day. You have been pondering on this thought and idea process for some time now and have only needed that simple push of motivation to execute your actions.

You start getting ready for the day, make yourself a strong cup of coffee because you’re going to need it to keep your nerve later on and run your idea past your partner who is almost scared at the positivity you’re exuding this morning. They are on board as they know how long this has been in the works albeit nothing has been done about it yet, until now.

Is it Possible to Get a Loan Pa Dagen or On the Day? | Loan on the day pinThe plan.

For too long now you have been driving your family around in what was once a decent car, yes it has served you very well for the past 10 years but the time has come for it to hang up its boots and make way for a younger, more energetic version of itself.

Unfortunately, with this process and goal also comes the big financial commitment you will be tying yourself into for the foreseeable future.

The issue is not that you would like a brand new car off the shop floor because we all know this is a luxury not many of us can afford, but a vehicle that is reliable and consistent in performance.

On the few occasions that you have found yourself on the curbside waiting for roadside assistance, thankfully, it has been either coming from or going to work and thus meant no other family members were there to live through the horror of breaking down on the highway at peak traffic hour.

Besides the fact that it certainly did not add any pleasantries to the other commuters on their way to the office, but it’s funny how mother nature likes for it to happen in the lane that is furthest from the safety pull-over zone.

And so you begin your snail-paced highway crossing to the other side and praying the car doesn’t simply pack it all up then and there in the middle of it all.

As memorable as these moments are and worth a storytelling episode around the dinner table, you need to think practically and responsibly for your family’s sake.

With this all being said, you have made up your mind that today is the day you and your other half will be going down to the loan office, bank, or lending institution of your choice and not leaving there till you have been accepted and granted a loan so that you can buy a vehicle that will give you peace of mind on the road when travelling with your family.

Caffeine kicking in, adrenalin seemingly increasing, you grab the documents and anything else you can think of to be important for the deal to go through and head out of the door.

Applying for a loan

The sit-down.

You have been told to sit in the waiting area for a few moments more while the bank employee wraps things up in his office, and as you look around you all you see are advertisements with smiling people and families who seemingly have been ‘approved.’

The assistant walks over to where you’re sitting and requests that you follow them down the passage to the managers’ glass-walled office where you make yourself ‘confidently comfortable’ (if even only on the exterior).

Many people have anxiety when asking for loans or sums of money, perhaps because they have run every imaginable scenario through their head to ensure they can keep up with payments, and often the pressure feels too much that they end up not doing anything. This is not the case now.

After what feels like an hour has gone by and you have spoken about all circumstances and possible issues that could prevent you from making repayments, the manager inputs all the information into the computer to see if you are eligible for the loan amount you need. A few minutes go by and a beeping sound comes from the computer, it’s good news.

You all but leap with joy in the office but use all your strength to remain composed, and after signing on the dotted lines and shaking hands you leave the building.

Those late nights and hours worrying while conducting and collecting your research into how best to go about getting consumer loans on the day or forbrukslan pa dagen has paid off. The agreed interest rate, repayment period, and loan amount have been agreed upon and within 24-hours you will have the financing you need to go shopping for a new, reliable car.

The kids and hubby are ecstatic and this certainly calls for pizza for dinner tonight, don’t you think?

The Loan Process

The process.

People think that to get a loan, and even more so, a loan that is approved ‘on the day’ takes not only a miracle but a specialized situation, this is not true.

There are a few factors to keep in mind if you are looking for and hoping to be approved, see some of those notions here, and let’s take a look at some others.


With any loan you take out you are going to be paying interest, this is essentially the ‘thank you’ you’re giving to the lender for their good gesture in lending you the money in the first place.

Larger loans over a longer period usually have lower rates than smaller amounts taken over a short period, either way, be sure you know what you are getting yourself in for before committing to anything.


Check and recheck your finances, be sure that you are in a comfortable position to take and repay the loan amount without scraping the two ends together at the end of the month for the next 5 years.


Has the period to pay the loan back been agreed on by both parties or are you being dictated to as if there are no alternatives, you are in control, be sure to sign only when it works for you.

Credit history. 

A good credit score shows that you are reliable and responsible for making payments, this will be to your advantage in showing the lender you are a good candidate to be lent money to.

A final thought.

Life is short, we work all our lives essentially to ‘hopefully’ make a decent retirement package at the end of it all and to settle comfortably into our golden years, but does that mean that the journey getting there needs to be filled with cars that breakdown or a home that is forever rented? I think not.

Set a goal, have a dream in mind that you believe is achievable, and do what it takes to make it happen.

You are not only making yourself financially secure down the line, but providing financial and safe security for your family. And if this means building up the courage to take a loan and have it approved the same day, then so be it.

So… is it possible to get a loan pa dagen (or on the day)?  Yes, as long as you are well-prepared, have a good credit record and are willing to accept the terms the financial institution lays down.

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