The Challenges Of Employee Retention Through The Pandemic

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Challenges Of Employee Retention

The fundamentals haven’t changed during the pandemic, government policy has changed. This has led to a rapid rise in layoffs and employees scrambling to stay on the ship.

It’s crucial that employers now consider various measures to retain as many customers as they can, as it seems like the pandemic shall continue for many months more.

If you haven’t already been coming up with ways to save large swathes of your workforce, then we would like to illuminate the situation for you and show you some tried and trusted tips.


Help employees claim

Your job as an employer is to help your employees make whatever stimulus claim they can. Using this Unemployment Tracker you can square away the hard work and just let the automated software take hold.

This allows for multiple employees to make a claim and site your company as their place of work. The government will then check with you, the software confirms their employee status and record, which then releases the stimulus funds into their accounts.

Rather than doing this manually, which can cost you more, this is the way of the future. A missed claim can mean an employee loses out on their money, which they can then reclaim from you. It can cost you $4,500 if you’re not careful. So helping employees claim is in your best interest.

Have you faced challenges of employee retention during the pandemic?   Here are some tried and trusted employee retention tips.  #challengesofemployeeretention  Weekly contact

We know it’s hard to contact employees when there is so much worry and most of all, uncertainty. It’s crucial for you to have weekly contact with all employees, at every level.

So sending out an employee-led newsletter to tell them what is going on, regarding covid-19 restrictions, claims, payments, new orders, local laws and requirements for compliance and health and safety training, etc. this is one way to let employees know that the normal swing of things is not going to stop.

They will eventually all return to work, but for the time being, they should remain engaged as best they can from home.

Bear in mind, some employees won’t be afraid of losing their job, because they’re trying to jump ship and leave to another company. So weekly contact is vital to bolstering that relationship you have.

Mental health

Turnover rates are sky-high at the moment. So many employees have taken stock of the situation and just said, they will make a move to another city or to another company, so when things open again they are ready for their new lives.

This is spurred by mental health concerns. So offering them counselling services online can really help to keep them onboard and focussed on the return. Their daily work life should be supplemented with longer breaks than usual and access to mental health information, such as insomnia support, anxiety, stress, and cabin fever.

We highly recommend that you take proactive steps to ensure your employees are retained all throughout the pandemic, so you can make a huge comeback when the doors open again. Start by helping them to claim government stimulus.

Have you faced any challenges of employee retention during the pandemic?

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