5 Rock Solid Ways of Improving Corporate Culture

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Company culture is one of the most considerable factors that contribute to employee satisfaction as well as talent retention. That’s why businesses must invest effort and time into enhancing it.

Corporate cultures relate to customs and standards that are usually of value to members of the company, separate from business transactions.

Such belief systems are typically the outcome of interactions between management and employees. Great employee culture equals more productive, happier and more loyal employees.

And that is why company culture is one of the most essential things to keep a business afloat.

5 Rock Solid Ways of Improving Corporate Culture

1.       Transparency is essential

Employees don’t only work for a company just because they need the money. Trust is one of the cornerstones of having great company culture in a business.

One of the best methods of creating trust and improving workplace culture is by maintaining open communication channels that involves everyone in the company.  You can do this with the help of a corporate culture platform that manages employee feedback.

2.       Coach employees in private, compensate in public

By recognizing and compensating top performers in the company you can boost company culture. Recognition rewards don’t have to be extravagant.

A certificate of recognition along with a small bonus can motivate staff members and make them feel like their work efforts don’t go unnoticed. This is only one side to the coin though.

Performance management principles also call for direct management interventions, for instance, coaching. This should be done in private though.

Nothing can influence employee morale than a manager berating a staff member in front of others. Always ensure that awareness is created among line managers about the protocols regarding coaching staff members.

What's your current corporate culture like? Is there room for improvement? Here are 5 Ways you can go about improving corporate culture. #improvingcorporateculture #corporatecultureplatform #employeefeedbackplatform3.       Make teamwork your work standard

Getting everyone involved in collaborative work can go a long way in improving company culture. Having strong relationships in the workplace and promoting teamwork is a sure way of making a significant impact on staff motivation.

Consider the implementation of mentorship programs, team-building activities and cross-functional workshops.

4.       Create channels for staff feedback

Your staff needs to know that they are valuable members of the team. They want to be able to say what they feel and have their voices heard.

Engaged staff members are motivated by having an input on how the business is run and how they are managed.

You can establish employee feedback channels through interviews, surveys and focus group discussion to give you valuable insight into the minds of your employees with regards to the company.

5.       Always abide by your core values

Integrity is a significant measure of the character of a person, and the same goes for the company. Your core values must always remain the same, no matter what.

This is an integral step when you’re working towards improving your company culture and to assist you with obtaining a transparent company philosophy. The same goes for teamwork, rewarding hard work and remaining open to feedback.

The best method of establishing an exceptional company culture is to have everyone symbolise your core values.


Even though intangibles like company culture are on the opposite side of the spectrum of tangibles like business results, it doesn’t mean that they must be separate entities.

Despite them being on the opposite sides of the spectrum, you can still come up with processes that can involve both.

Remember, your ultimate aim is to fulfil the company’s vision and mission as well as keeping your employees in a safe, happy and positive working environment.

What’s your current corporate culture like? Is there room for improvement?

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