How to Rid Your Office of Pests

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The mouse on the left belongs in an office. The mouse on the right doesn’t.  Let’s fix this pesky problem.

Here’s why and how to rid your office of pests.

Why Get Rid of Office Pests

Pests are not welcome visitors in the workplace. Cockroaches, ants, mice or fleas are not just an annoyance but some of these critters that share your workspace with you can pose a health risk. Their droppings and urine can affect people’s health, spread disease, chew cables and bring in fleas, which are overall very unpleasant to deal with, not to mention the money they are costing you.

Some of the common complaints around the office typically include smelly washrooms, dirty facilities, dusty environment as well as poor facility maintenance. But the worst part is the pests that employees must share their workspace with.

When to hire an expert pest control company?

In some cases, hiring a professional exterminator may be the only option if an infestation issue is persisting. This may also be true if the pesticides required for taking care of the problem can only be used by a certified professional.

Before hiring a professional make sure they are bonded and insured.

How to Get Rid of Office Pests

Helpful preventative tips for keeping pests at bay

Ongoing procedures for cleanup

The manifestation of pests and bugs doesn’t necessarily imply that your workplace is filthy. By implementing a daily cleanup schedule, you can keep unwanted creatures away.

  • Vacuuming hard floors, carpets and mats.
  • Wiping stains and spots on furniture, walls, baseboards, carpets and floors.
  • Dusting all horizontal furniture surfaces and wiping with disinfectant.
  • Mopping hard floors with disinfectant.
  • Cleaning and wiping automatic doors and internal glass.
  • Collecting the garbage and emptying waste receptacles. Replace liners and receptacles and wash as needed.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning basins, toilets, sinks, hand towel dispensers, urinals and hand dryers.

Which mouse would you rather have in your office? Here's why those pests need to go and how you can get rid of them. #howtogetridofofficepestsWeekly procedures

  • Removing clutter.
  • Dusting filing cabinets, desks, cubicle walls, shelves and desks.
  • Wiping down equipment such as keyboards, desks and telephones with disinfectant wipes.
  • Dusting window sills, jambs, heating vents and ledges.
  • Replacing curtains and washing biweekly.

The refrigerator must be cleaned out at least once a month and vacuuming must be done on couches, chairs and other hard-to-reach places like vents and overhead circular fans. All gunk buildup must be discarded from pipes and fix leaks.

Getting everyone at the office to participate

Your mission for keeping cleanliness at the office will only succeed once everyone gets involved. Everyone can benefit from a clean workspace, but to obtain this everyone must adhere to the rules for utilizing break rooms and restrooms as well as taking care of their workstations, appropriate garbage disposal, not drinking and eating at desks etc.


When pests decide to set up residence at your office, they can easily catch a ride home with you inside your handbag or on your clothes. Two of the most repugnant pests, bed bugs, and the German cockroach, are known to be ingenious hitchhikers that can quickly find their way into an area that offers them with water and food supplies, including your home.

Once inside the office, the presence of such pests will negatively influence not just your office work, but also life at home. And no one wants to share a workspace with rodents or cockroaches.

Addressing these issues immediately and making use of professional pest control assistance as soon as signs of infestation presents itself, can ensure that your workspace is thoroughly cleaned and the unwanted visitors are taken care of.

Do you have pests in your office you need to eliminate? Any tips and tricks that have worked well for you? Share in the comments below.

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