Want To Teach From Remote Locations? Here’s How

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How to Teach Remotely

What a fun idea!  I know a Mom or two who are teaching English remotely overseas (in the Far East).  I toyed with the idea myself when I was younger as it’s also a cool way to see the world when you’re in your 20’s.

The contributed post below is specifically about how to teach remotely in the USA.

Want To Teach From Remote Locations? Here’s How

You have had your kids (two in fact) and have looked after them for as long as they’ve been on this planet. You have loved their company and enjoyed every single step they’ve made towards becoming the beautiful teenagers they are today.

You have, however, recently wanted to do more with your life, and since your youngsters’ lives are now very much their own, you have decided you are going to fulfill your long-life dream to become a teacher. Furthermore, you have already taken the initial necessary steps to do so and have attained several qualifications in the field.

On top of this, you have also made friends with a bunch of people who would also like to contribute to the country’s educational system.

Here’s how you could become a teacher based anywhere in the country.

Rent a trailer

Being based anywhere will give you the opportunity to try and test a few locations without the need for you to invest in these in a more permanent way.

If you would like to explore what education is like from Atlanta to Texas, renting a trailer and making this your teaching base is the best way for you to do so.

If you already have potential teachers on board who would also like to share their knowledge with children in faraway places, you could even split the cost of renting. OfficeTrailerHQ portable office trailers has the right solution for your needs.

Invest in teaching equipment

Teaching is a massively responsible vocation, as it involves imparting knowledge to children who will one day use this to navigate their way through life. Therefore, it is essential to be well prepared and have the right teaching equipment at hand.

Things like books, notebooks, a blackboard, etc. will come in handy when you decide to finally launch your teaching venture. If you don’t know where to start looking for your ‘office’ equipment, why not have a look at Really Good Stuff? They have everything a teacher like you could want!

Market your services

If you are going nationwide, chances are you will need an active campaign to market your services.

Don’t fret. These days, the internet can help us craft even the sleekest campaign from the comfort of our homes.

You will need to contact the authorities in the places where you intend to teach and let them know you are in town for however long you are planning to relocate to that specific city. They can include your name and contact details on their e-newsletter and do part of the work for you.

It is also wise to get in touch with local and national press and let them know how long you will be in each region for.

Coming up with a catchy business name is advisable at this point, and you might want to build a website that reflects your brand and vision. If you do this correctly, your advertising will take off organically. Here’s how to create a classy site.

Teaching kids around the country has never been easier.

Image Credit: Pexels

Sounds like great advice, though I would recommend creating a WordPress site rather than a Wix site – perhaps only because I’ve created my own websites using Managed WordPress Hosting by Site Rubix.  Having said this, I have friends who adore using Wix. And then of course, there’s those who are crazy about Squarespace.

So really it boils down to a personal choice.

If you’d like to try your hand at a WordPress site, you can build two FREE Site Rubix Sites and get free training here.

Have you ever tried teaching remotely?  I’d love to hear your personal story in the comments below.


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