How To Separate Your Work Life and Your Personal Life

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It can be very difficult to separate your work life and your home life, especially if you are someone who works from home.  In today’s age, where the digital world plays such a significant role, we can find ourselves getting lost in a sea of social media posts instead of doing the work we should be.

How to Separate Work and Personal Life

With that in mind, we have put this post together to present you with some different suggestions on how to separate your personal life and your work life effectively.

Presenting a few different suggestions on how to separate your personal life and your work life effectively. #worklifebalanceConsider a second phone line

There is only one place to begin, and this is by looking into getting a second phone line for your business. This is something you can discover more about at iPlum reviews.

A second phone line is beneficial because you are going to be able to keep all of your work business and all of your personal life separate.

You can direct all work calls to a separate line, ensuring that they are dealt with as a matter of urgency during your typical working hours.

At the same time, when the time comes to clock off for the day, you can turn this phone line off, directing people to your answerphone.

Set aside time to check your personal emails and social media

One thing I am sure a lot of people reading this can relate to is finding themselves wrapped up in social media or personal emails while they should be working.

This is easily done, especially if you have notifications that pop up on your computer screen whenever you get a message from someone on Facebook or you have a new email.

Because of this, it makes sense to set aside time every day so that you can check your emails and your social media accounts. Consider turning off your notifications as well so that this does not distract you.

Have a separate bank account for your business activities

In addition to the suggestions that we have recommended so far, it also makes sense to set-up a separate bank account for all of your business activities. If you do not, it is very easy for your accounts to get muddled up. You can end up spending a lot of your business money on personal items and vice versa without even realising it.

Plus, it can be almost impossible to figure out the profitability of your business if you have all of your personal expenses mixed in as well. Instead, make sure you keep your personal and business finances separate so that they are easier to manage.

So there you have it: an insight into the different steps you can take to separate your personal life and your work life so that you can achieve more.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can be sure that you will be able to keep your work life and your personal life as two separate things, rather than allowing them to get in the way of one and other.

Have you found it easy to separate your work and personal life?  Of course, when you have children at home and you’re trying to run a business, lines can get a bit blurry.  It’s not easy taking a business call with a toddler on your lap. That’s why we’ve published nearly 100 posts to-date on work-life-balance. Dig in.

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