How to Manage a Business and a Newborn Baby

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How to Manage Business and Newborn

Being a Mompreneur with a newborn in the house can be challenging. Trying to grow your business at the same time as caring for a little being who is completely reliant on you comes with a remarkable amount of pressure.

With these helpful tips and tricks on how to manage business and newborn, you may find it a little easier to juggle parenting, work-life and running a household.

Juggling a business and a newborn is a balancing act of note.  Here are our top tips to manage both. Sponsored by Smart Sprogs.  #howtomanagebusinessandnewborn #worklifebalance #motherhood #entrepreneurship1. You Don’t Have to Know All the Answers

It’s better if you don’t because this way, you’ll stay inquisitive and unassuming.  Ask questions and accept help when you need it.

The moment you think you’ve got everything under control, life hits you with an unexpected curveball. Keeping an open mind and understanding that everything won’t go perfectly as planned, may just reveal a better solution that you may not have thought about otherwise.

2. Think about Getting in Some Extra Help

Being a Solopreneur, you are used to be responsible for every aspect of your business. But with a newborn brought into the mix, now is an excellent time to think about hiring another person to take care of accounting, marketing or any else that isn’t top of your love-to-do list.

Most Mompreneurs may feel like they must prove to everyone that they are great businesswomen as well as Moms by juggling both these roles simultaneously. Unfortunately, either one usually suffers as a result.

Hiring a sitter to take care of the baby while you’re putting in a few hours of work does not make you a bad mother.

3. Making Use of Baby Equipment

Most new Moms know that you have very little time for yourself and it can be challenging to squeeze in a simple task like taking a shower in between changing nappies and getting some work tasks completed.

This is where bouncers, rockers or baby swings can make your life a whole lot easier. You can safely put your baby in their “magic swing” (as we called ours) and prepare a meal, take a shower or send a few e-mails.

Many parents also have baby carriers or wraps because they allow you to have both hands free while keeping baby close to you. Baby carriers are super convenient and with most, you can breastfeed discreetly while you’re checking a few e-mails, doing a video call, eating lunch or getting a few tasks done around the house.

4. Practising Self-Care

Working out and getting enough sleep can do wonders for balancing stress levels, boosting your energy and helping you stay focused. As a busy Mom, you need to charge your batteries every now and again. Go for a massage, get your hair done or just take a long bath with soothing music in the background and no interruptions.

5. Multi-Task when Doing Low-Maintenance Chores

You can get everything done if you plan ahead. Do your low-maintenance chores in-between baby minding and business building.

For instance, you can put a load of washing on, place food in your slow cooker and charge your phone or laptop batteries while you’re tending to the baby. You can get a lot done if you manage your time efficiently. Moms become expert at this.

Having said this, it’s really worth hiring a cleaner, even if you can only afford once a week or once a month at first.  As your business grows you can hand over more and more menial tasks to others so you can enjoy being both Mom and Entrepreneur.

6. Hang in There

And remember, this too shall pass. We know it’s a juggling act and you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted many a day but you’ve got this.  You will get through this period of your life.

Don’t miss the joy of baby’s smile, the beauty of their cute giggles and the excitement of their first steps.

Take a moment each day to stop and focus all of your attention on your precious bundle of joy. It all goes by in the blink of an eyelid.

What’s your biggest challenge in managing your business and newborn? Have you found any magic solutions you would like to share?

Contributed by Amy of Smart Sprogs

Amy is a web designer by trade and blogger by passion.  She has joined hands with two Mum friends, to share their experience and advice on to help new parents give their little one the best start in life. The trio tackles everything: the good, the bad and the ugly to help you make the right choice for your baby.

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