Everything Your Customers Expect From Your Business

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How to Give Customers What They Want

Do you remember the comedy featuring Mel Gibson called What Women Want? In the movie, Mel Gibson played the part of a man who had the ability to hear what women were thinking.   

Imagine if we were given this superpower to use in our business.  Imagine if we could hear what our customers thought about our products? Imagine if we could hear which problems our clients were desperate to solve?  

Want the keys to the kingdom?

Well here’s a post giving you some key insights into what all customers want.  As well as a brilliant tip on how to get real answers to these questions about your own products or service from potential or existing customers.

Everything Your Customers Expect From Your Business

Your customers are an incredibly important part of your company. After all, if they weren’t buying your products or using your services, where would your money come from?

So, even though there are plenty of other aspects of your business that you will need to stay focused on, such as the well-being of your employees, it is always crucial to keep one beady eye on your customers base.

You need to make sure that they are always happy when interacting with your business. If they aren’t, there is a very good chance that they will end up jumping ship and taking their money to your competitors.

How do you look after your customers at the moment?

Hopefully, you are doing all that you can to please both your loyal and new clients and customers. One nice idea is to make sure that you are giving them everything that you want. To do that, you just need to figure out exactly what it is that they want.

Here are a few things that often rate highly with customers, so it could be worth implementing a few of these across your company.

Do you know what your customers want from you? Start with what all customers want. Start here. Read more at inspiringmompreneurs.com #HowtoGiveCustomersWhatTheyWantThe Chance To Give Their Opinion

Each and every one of your customers will have an opinion about your business.

Your most loyal ones will probably think very positively of you as they keep on returning so much. Whether your customers would rate your business highly or lowly, though, it’s important to get their feedback.

That gives you the chance to show off all your good reviews and do something about the bad ones so that you can turn them into good ones.

If you aren’t currently collecting any customer feedback, you might want to start using something like NPS surveys for ConnectWise and AutoTask as they are easy to use for both parties.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store that your customers visit, it might also be a good idea to add a feedback box where your customers can post any opinions and comments that they might have.

Competitive Pricing

You also need to be very careful when you are setting your prices for your products and services. Ideally, they need to be high enough for you to profit from them. However, if they are too high, then you might find that your customers are turned off your business and go to your competitors who are offering more reasonable prices.

It’s best to plan your prices smartly right from the beginning of your business so that you are always attracting new customers. Don’t forget to also keep an eye on your competitors’ prices so that you always have an idea of how yours are compared to the rest of the market.

Easy To Use, Compelling Solutions

Your customers probably use your products or services to help them create solutions in their life.

In fact, many entrepreneurs often try to use solution-selling tactics whenever they create a new product or service – they market it as it if will create solutions for people even if it doesn’t really.

However, these solutions that you are selling shouldn’t be difficult to understand or tricky to use. They need to be very convenient as well as compelling.

Not sure if your product or service actually does solve a solution?

Or perhaps you can’t find a way to market it as if it does?

One quick fix is to bring some customer focus groups on board. They can discuss your product or service and will be able to give you some extremely useful ideas from a customer’s perspective.

Customer Focus Group

A Convenient Purchasing Process

If you sell anything online, you need to make sure that the purchasing process is as efficient and convenient as possible. If it isn’t and quickly gets very complicated, you might find that lots of customers end up leaving your website without having purchased anything.

To prevent this and to encourage as many sales as possible, you need to streamline your purchasing process and make it as easy to use as possible.

One other thing to remember is that all of your customers will want to ensure that their online shopping is always as secure as possible. If they suspect that your e-commerce platform is putting them at risk from a virus or another cyber attack, then there is little chance of them doing business with you online.

A Personal Connection

No one wants to be faced with customer service that feels quite robotic.

Sure, chatbots are now becoming a big part of customer service for most businesses, but the companies that succeed know that they can’t use these bots to completely replace a friendly service provided by humans.

It’s all about making that personal connection with your customers. By doing so, they will feel valued and respected. Plus, they will know that their issue is being dealt with by a human who cares, rather than a robot that has the potential to malfunction and ignore them.

Knowledgeable And Helpful Staff

Of course, providing good customer service isn’t just about putting plenty of customer service employees in place ready to work with your customers.

Lots of customers will want to deal with staff who are knowledgeable and helpful. If anyone ever deals with one of your employees who comes across as unprofessional or even rude, then there is little chance of them coming back to use your products or services again.

So, it’s necessary to ensure that all of your customer service team are fully trained in their line of work and know exactly how to act when communicating with the public.

Quality Products

It goes without saying that your customers will want quality products. After all, they will be paying for them and will expect value for money.

So, make sure you make any necessary tweaks and improvements to your products to ensure they are some of the best on the market.

Give your customers everything they want, and they will definitely come back to you. These tips can help with that.

Do you know what your customers want? And are you giving it to them?  Do you know what problems your products solve?

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