How To Design A Multi-functioning & Comfortable Work Space

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Having a large number of employees sharing one office sometimes isn’t plain sailing. With a general lack of space and functionality in your typical workroom with its individual desks and splitter walls to cease any kind of human interaction, motivation and productivity can reach an all-time low simply because of the lack of effort put in when designing.

Every workspace has the potential of being transformed into an inviting haven of hard work and harmony, but it’s up to you as a business owner to choose to make the change for both you and your staff.

If you’ve decided that you want to try and design your own multifunctioning space for your company, read on to find out the best tips and information you need to get started.

Interior Theme & Colour Palette

How much have time, thought and money have you invested in designing a comfortable workspace for your team?    Here are some great ideas for you. #howtodesignacomfortableworkspace #officedesign #howtoThe overall ‘vibe’ that your workspace can produce will be impacted by the types of colours and decorations you choose to use.

Opting for dull white walls, ceilings and lighting will simply make a sterile and cold environment, so it’s vital that you put in a little more thought and try to make it more warm and comforting instead. Go for autumnal colours, even simple yellow vanilla, to switch up the atmosphere and make the place more enticing and encouraging.

Add some kind of features to the walls to increase their aesthetic value and produce a more interesting and attractive setting. Even a small change like a lick of paint can really switch it up and make your office seem like an entirely different space, so it’s a great idea to reassess your current palette.

Stick to the same few tones and colour so it doesn’t become cluttered and overpowering, and stay away from garish hue such as luminous green that can be equally overwhelming.

Pick The Right Furniture

Whichever tables and chairs that you choose to furnish your workspace with will make or break the comfort of your employees.

Ergonomic design should be at the forefront of each decision you make, as your workers must be able to perform to their full potential which simply cannot be done when they are suffering from back pain or eye strain. Though investing in some more specialised chairs that encourage good posture and support the spine may be expensive, the long term benefits that they can provide their users with when compared to a much cheaper alternative makes them much more worthwhile.

The amount of desk space that you have throughout your office may be much more than you think if you were to combine your employees rather than splitting them up.

One large central table serves great for any size of group work and individual study dependent on the way you treat the space, so its a good idea to utilize many functions in one item.

When it comes to choosing the right tables, take the chance to use a darker colour so you can make and paper stand out when placed on the surface. You can find some great reclaimed wood table tops that will do just that, whilst also adding a rustic touch and helping to bring the outside in.

Add some accessories throughout your office that can further add to the natural feel, such as house plants and fresh flowers that can really brighten the place up.

Keep Clutter To A Minimum 

Focus is one of the most vital requirements of a productive workday, so being surrounded by clutter and mess will be a huge distraction for even the most well-trained mind.

Ensure that you have the appropriate wastage units, preferably out of sight, and formulate some basic rules that will allow you to keep a constantly clear environment.

Though many people like to have some kind of trinket or photo collection on their desk to personalise their space, it can disturb everyone around them unintentionally and negatively affect their overall productivity.

Encourage your staff to keep their individual workspaces free from an excess of extra’s and explain why you are doing this so that no one feels targeted or misunderstood. With a clear space that isn’t harbouring any potential interference, every member of your employee base will be able to focus properly and concentrate on completing the task at hand.

Temperature Matters

Though it may seem like a very small and insignificant factor, the temperature of your office will greatly impact the overall comfort of your workforce. It has been said that women’s brains are more productive in a warmer environment, so it may be an idea for you to switch up the thermostat or invest in the appropriate heaters if you have a female-heavy staff.

Every office should be at least 16 degrees Celsius by law, but you can sense yourself when the room becomes a satisfactory heat level. Many people make the mistake of blasting air con throughout the day to maintain a fresh feel, but this can even be damaging to skin and lips due to the harsh nature of the cold wind.

It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to room temperature, but never reach one of two extremes and leave your staff sweltering or freezing – the middle ground tends to be the best solution.

Getting The Right Technology 

Investing in the right technology your workspace requires will depend upon the source of your purchase list. If you decide for yourself what other employees need in order to work to their full potential, it’s likely you will get it wrong.

Ask your staff what technology they would like, that can maximize their productivity and allow them to finish tasks to the best quality. Consider every recommendation and figure out what you can afford to buy, prioritising the most frequently used items such as laptops and printers or scanners.

Sourcing old tech to save a bit of cash will only leave you out of pocket in the long run when your employees are unable to work properly.

Follow the steps above to achieve office perfection in no time.

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How much have time, thought and money have you invested in designing a comfortable work space for your team?

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