Create Your First Successful Online Campaign In 3 Steps

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How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

Ready to create your first marketing campaign?  Excellent advice in this contributed post. I totally agree that Step 1: Collecting Data, is the most important step to your success. I’ve been learning exactly how to do this through Avatar or Discovery interviews. Will write a post or create an ebook detailing this process in the New Year.

Create Your First Successful Online Campaign In 3 Steps

For a lot of entrepreneurs, there’s a big difference between launching a business with day-to-day easy marketing activities to get noticed, and launching your first planned marketing campaign.

A marketing campaign can be a terrifying move, at first, because it involves medium or long-term investment in your marketing activities.

Consequently, for most newcomers to the world of business management, it’s likely that your first marketing campaign will be postponed until you’ve gathered sufficient funds.

Additionally, your marketing campaign is designed to bring your business closer to its objective, whether this is a matter of growth, market expansion, or even differentiation.

The bottom line is: Your first full-on marketing campaign might take a few months to years before it’s ready to be launched. And that’s good because it gives enough time to prepare for it.

#1. Data means knowledge

The main reason why postponing your first big-scale marketing campaign is a good thing is that it allows you to collect sufficient data. Without data, you can’t make informed and effective decisions. Without data, you are left to guess.

That’s precisely why you should always make sure you’ve collected enough information about your market before starting a campaign. According to this King Kong digital agency review, data analysis is key to defining not only what your audience wants and needs to know, but also in assigning a value to your content against the conversion value.

As you don’t want to be focusing your attention on marketing areas that don’t generate leads, you need to make the most of your data to identify the most-suitable sale funnels. If a lot of your customers and target audience is on Facebook, it’s a good idea to get your company there too, for example.

How to Create a Successful Marketing Campaign

#2. Join the dots

Data-driven observations can highlight the core area of interest for your marketing activities.

Say you’re a personal fitness coach who’s identified that your target audience is highly active on social media, that they’ve got an interest in fashion products, and that they’re all single females or young mothers.

Data can provide you with a canvas for your marketing campaign, but you still need to join the dots together. Creating the kind of content that works for your audience groups requires a lot of attention to details. In short, get yourself a cup of coffee to stay focused.

Your content pieces need to be informative, helpful and bring a call-for-action.

#3. Keep on learning

There are also ways to improve your campaigns. If you’re working with paid campaigns, you can compare ad performance to improve your ad copy, for instance. Or maybe you can learn from what your competitors are doing?

There are a variety of factors that you need to monitor, from the number of touchpoints to the time to conversion, the location and the source of the lead. The information can help you to create better-targeted niche funnels to convert specific audience groups.

In short, keep on testing and optimizing as you go.

Every successful campaign starts with data analysis. Only then can you create pieces that match your findings.

Finally, one last keyword for you: OPTIMIZE, because there’s always a way to make things work better.

So never stop aiming for the top!

The secret to success? Strong coffee and good data         Monitor customer interactions

Have you run any succesful marketing campaigns yet? What do you believe was integral to your success?

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