8 Tips on How To Calm Yourself Down From Anxiety

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In today’s post, we will be sharing some tips on how to calm yourself down from anxiety. Some people are held back because of their anxiety and learning how to control it is not easy.

However, many people learn to manage their anxiety and do not allow it to keep them from reaching their goals.

When you are having an anxiety attack or you can feel yourself getting overwhelmed, there are a few things you can do to calm yourself down.

Managing Anxiety Takes Time

Remember, learning how to manage your anxiety takes time. There is no shortcut, and you may sometimes feel that getting there is an uphill battle. By learning what is causing your symptoms, and getting professional assistance, you can control your symptoms.

These tips might make a difference right away or some may not even have an effect, but the essential thing here is to keep trying.

how to calm yourself down from anxiety

8 Tips on How To Calm Down From Anxiety

1. Finding a Mantra

Positive affirmations each day can help to control your mood. Find a mantra to help you feel calmer. For instance, tell yourself that this feeling is not lasting, just be patient with yourself, you can do this.

You can also consider an intuitive breakthrough session to gain insight into your current situation, how to find your way out of it, and what you can do to reach your full potential and meet your personal goals going forward.

2. Talking To Someone That Knows What You Are Going Through – Someone That Understands 

If you are struggling to focus and your feelings of anxiety are impacting your quality of life, you need to seek assistance from a health professional.

You can also reach out to family or friends for help, especially those that are suffering from anxiety disorder as well.

When you’re having a particularly bad day, phone them or send them a message and let them know what you are feeling. They might have a few tips and tricks up their sleeve that you haven’t tried before.

Watch this helpful video on how to calm yourself down from anxiety.

3. Keeping a Journal – Letting It All Out

One of the worst things that anxiety sufferers go through is not knowing what is triggering these feelings in the first place. It doesn’t matter where they find themselves, even in tranquil settings, these feelings can strike at any time. This is where journaling can really help.

It can be a useful way to explore what you are feeling, especially in situations where talking out loud is not an option.  Studies reveal that keeping a journal is a beneficial way to lower stress and deal with negative emotions.

4. Using Fragrance

You can use fragrance to help manage anxiety. For instance, lavender is known for having a calming effect. You can practice meditation while releasing lavender into the air by adding a few drops to a diffuser or burning a lavender-infused candle while taking a bath. You can train your mind to associate the scent with feelings of relaxation.

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5. Avoiding Alcohol

Some people reach for a glass of wine or a drink to try and calm their nerves or make them feel more relaxed. Although it might be a short-term solution, alcohol changes neurotransmitters and serotonin levels in the brain which can make your symptoms worse. You might feel more anxious after the effects of alcohol wear off.

6. Walking

Exercising or taking a walk, especially in nature, can help get rid of excess adrenaline which is often the cause for anxiety. Walking is an excellent way to get some fresh air in your lungs and enhance your overall well-being, physically and emotionally.

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7. Drinking Water

Many people may not know this, but not drinking sufficient water can amplify anxiety symptoms. Dehydration can lead to heart palpitations which subsequently result in a panic attack. Take a deep breath, try to relax, and drink a glass of water to see if it helps to calm you down.

8. Having Some Me-Time Without Technology

Selfcare and having alone time are critical to help with relaxation and recharging your batteries. If you are nervous or feeling anxious, take a few minutes for yourself.

You could run a few errands, go for a walk, or do something mundane like folding the laundry. It is the perfect time to practice mindfulness, allow your mind to wander, and not think about anything else. Just focus on calming yourself down.

Do not hesitate to turn off your phone every now and again for an hour or two. Take this time to relax in a bubble bath, do some gardening, or read a book. Use it as an opportunity to practice mindfulness and switch off from the rest of the world and just take it easy.


We hope these tips and tricks on how to calm yourself down from anxiety have been insightful and that you will give some of them a try to see if it makes a difference. Remember to be kind to yourself, take a deep breath, and don’t be afraid to reach out to others or seek professional help.

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