How StartUps Can Compete Against Established Brands

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How StartUps Can Compete Against Established Brands: Quick Effective Guide

For any startup to succeed, it needs to achieve a competitive edge. With the modern business environment, you’ll need to stand out from your peers to create a recognizable brand.  According to a reliable survey involving more than a hundred startups, 19% failed due to competition.

However, if you get everything right from the start, you can overcome such challenges and achieve your goals. What do you need to do?

This guide offers valuable insights to help you compete against established businesses in your niche. Read on.

Connect with Your Customers at Personal Level

How StartUps Can Compete Against Established Brands | How StartUps Compete pinIf you want to stand out from the crowd, understanding and connecting with your customers is critical. Large businesses focus on generating huge sales. This can interrupt some of them from focusing on offering high-quality customer services. After all, they’ve already built their brands and may not need to prove themselves like new enterprises.

That’s why small businesses looking to compete with large corporations should focus on strategies that build trust with their clients. Developing long-term relationships with your customers is one of these strategies you don’t want to ignore.

While some entrepreneurs may think potential customers purchase by comparing prices, this may not be true. Research shows most buyers look for products and services that can solve their needs. If you’re wondering how you can build long-term relationships with clients, here are helpful tips:

  • Help your clients understand your offers
  • Provide reliable customer services
  • Establish a reward system for your loyal clients
  • Use customer feedback and complaints to improve your services

Your goal should be to satisfy your clients and keep them coming back. To achieve and ensure continued growth, your company needs high sales efficiency. You want to ensure every customer’s experience is memorable.

Connect with Industry Experts

Sometimes, connecting with experts in your niche can be an excellent way to learn and execute more. These could be investors, advisors and supportive entrepreneurs. In the business world, you can meet experienced individuals who can understand your situation and are also willing to help.

Focus on a Specific Niche

Research shows many startups collapse because their products aren’t marketable. That means if your offers have no market demand, you may not stand a chance to succeed in your marketing strategies.

That’s why you need to think of a profitable and less competitive niche and focus on a particular audience. Be sure your products and services are valuable to potential users. It would be best if you thought of solving a specific problem.

Understand Failures and Achievements of Other Startups

While you can learn what to avoid, super marketing strategies and target customer needs from successful competitors, it’s essential to study failed startups. The data and information you obtain can be valuable for your marketing plan design. For example, you can gain insights such as:

  • Whether your niche product is marketable
  • Whether your target audience is willing to spend money on your offers
  • How to stand out from established companies


While competing with industry giants isn’t easy for startups, you can use proven strategies to overcome common pitfalls. If you’re thinking of launching your business, ensure you do the right thing from the start. You can use these tips to get you started and track your business growth.

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